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If it matters...

'What's the point knowing the future, when things are going to happen anyway?' Asked a shopkeeper, very well knowing that I was an astrologer.

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Proud to be Arrogant!

In my journey as a profe$$ional astrologer for the last 13 years, I have lost many of my regular seekers, friends, relatives and celebrities as clients permanently. They all thought I was very arrogant. I don't know if I really am but in any case I would take that as a compliment. If you are good at something, you have the right to set your bars and if people think that is arrogance - then let them all die a slow and painful death.

What is Jupiter Transit?

War between India & Pakistan in next 3 yrs!

Name of the country - India
Date of birth - 15th August, 1947
Time of birth - 12.01 am

I know it is quite strange and funny for people who don't know or understand Vedic Astrology that horoscope of a country is cast based upon its formation date and time. And as we all know that India formally got its freedom from the Britishers on the midnight of 14th/15th August 1947 - hence the time is taken as 12.01 am. The astrologers who advised the government to choose the auspicious time for Indian Independence were - Hardeoji and Suryanarain Vyas.

Will Kashmir become an independent country?

Astrologically Kashmir will surely become an independent country in the coming years. It is just a matter of time.

Few blogs I had written earlier...

March 2008

'And astrologically in the coming 50 years, I strongly feel that India will split into more states and countries based on 'personal identity.'

Few predictions for India in the coming years

I have been having a long beard since the year 2004 - the days when people used to give me a dirty and disgusting look. Some would taunt, calling me a swamiji and some would make fun of me referring to me as some fraud Babaji. It went to an extent that a 'lift operator' advised me against a long beard saying - Jesus Christ has said not to a have long beard in the Bible! I never knew which testament that motherfucker had read and from where. I cared two hoots about all of them. And today when I move around in public places people look at me with awe - long beards are in fashion I guess. Some men stop me to ask - so for how long have you been having your beard, and I proudly say - 12 LONG years!

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