Rebellion in my own small way

I take a lot of inspiration from ants. Though being one of the most minuscule creatures on earth, they come across as the most intelligent and the disciplined of the lot. They surely are better than 99 percent of the Indians in following a proper queue at least. The ants for sure know that the humans are much bigger in size and also far more powerful than them. They also know that if they attack a human their death is inevitable - but still they give a tough fight. To protect themselves and their colonies from intruders they give their last mighty bite - a bite that can make you run for your life. I love their attitude and their rebellion.

Predictions for Rahu & Ketu Transit 2017

Rahu and Ketu transit is one of the most important planetary transits according to Vedic Astrology. After Saturn and Jupiter transit, Rahu and Ketu transit is the one which brings massive changes in human lives depending upon how strong or weak the planets are placed in their personal horoscopes.

Unlike all the other planets Rahu and Ketu move reverse in the zodiac, hence in the months of July, August and September 2017 - the planet Rahu will move into the sign of Kataka (Cancer) from Simha (Leo), and the planet Ketu will move into the sign of Makara (Capricorn) from Kumbha (Aquarius), and will stay there till March 2019.

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Visiting Mumbai on 15th & 16th July, 2017

I will be in Mumbai for Astrological consultations on 15th and 16th July i.e., this weekend (Saturday and Sunday). If you want to consult me to know your past, present and future with utmost accuracy - drop me a mail at to fix an appointment now.

Services Rendered with Fee Structure

- Single Horoscope Reading Rs 15,000 (Duration - 1 hour, Questions - unlimited)
- Multiple Horoscopes Reading Rs 26,000 (Duration - 1 hour, Questions - unlimited)

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The payment has to be made prior to the consultations. You can make your payment directly into my bank, for which the details will be provided once you confirm your interest. Or you can make the payment at PayUmoney using your Credit Card, Debit Card or Internet banking.

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9 am to 6 pm on 15th and 16th July, 2017

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To meet me for a face-to-face 'Astrological Consultation' in your city/country just fill this form and leave your details. I will let you know my exact travel plans by email. If everything falls in place, we can meet up.

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Effect of Saturn Retrograde 2017!

The planet Saturn moved into to the sign of Dhanur (Sagittarius) in the month of January 2017 and will stay there till May 2019. But then for a while Saturn will retrograde and come back to stay in the previous house of Vrishika (Scorpion) - in the months of June, July and August 2017.

This is both good and bad for people depending upon their individual horoscopes. The people who started their good time in January 2017, will have to continue going through hardships till August 2017, and the people who started their bad time in January 2017 can bask in happiness till August 2017. As far as the effect of Saturn Retrograde on India and other countries are concerned the following events will make headlines in the months of June, July and August 2017 -

- fire mishap
- mass deaths due to accidents
- increase in deaths due to firing and bomb blasts
- 'sudden' death of famous personalities (celebrities, industrialists and politicians)
- increase in terrorist attacks
- attack on political leader and famous personalities
- increase in cross border terrorism
- skirmishes with neighbouring countries

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Come, be part of my Feature Film!

Hi Friends,

You have been reading and following my blog for the past 15 years, and many of you are already my clients.

Whilst, still being a professional astrologer earning my bread and butter guiding people, my passion for movies since childhood had never died. As destiny unfolds, by the grace of God I have acted in four feature films. Two have been successfully released and have received worldwide acclaim and two will release during mid-2017.

I have metamorphosed from a professional blogger to a professional scriptwriter, and am inking the script and dialogues for two more upcoming feature films as well.

I will be making a directorial debut this year and have put together an extremely strong technical team. In fact, I have managed to rope in a production house whose project was nominated for the Oscars.

We are ready with the script, and pre-production is in full swing.

For people who would like to invest/collaborate with me or would want to know about the investment procedure and profit share, kindly drop me a mail to

Follow this space for more updates soon.

Dreams do come true!

Yours Truly

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After ages I have integrated a payment gateway for Indian clients. Now Indians can easily use their Credit Cards, Debit Cards and also Net Banking to make the payment for all my services. Visit my store and if you have any doubts or need any clarifications, as always drop me a mail at or drop me a line in Skype Chat - the ID is the same

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I find phone calls very irritating. I hate to pick up calls when I am in the middle of a consultation, or when I am having a good time with my friends and family members. So, I am sorry I won't be providing my phone number to you. You can get in touch with me in various other ways.

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Does your soul know your destiny?

In solitude, since I was a child whenever I closed my eyes and just breathed - I could feel only two things resonating strongly inside me - God and Movies. Nowhere could I see myself as a corporate guy or a successful businessman. Although my father - an amateur astrologer - told me once when I was 8 years old that the lines on my palm indicated a career related to writing, I never could fix the puzzle correctly, and personally I never could find a role model or someone who has clubbed the three - God, Movies and Writing - efficiently to make a living.

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