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I am off to Mumbai (Bombay) for a week, and will be back next Thursday. Thanks for all the support rendered so far, and also for shying away from posting a comment. A special thanks to my readers at Polaris, ElementK, Philips and IP tracker keeps me updated ;).

Thankfully I had saved the mail I sent to YAHOO in 2000 AD. Here is the unedited version of the same. Excuse my grammatical errors, for I was like that only.

My interview with Yahoo!

My college hostel, where I lived for 5 years, was very close to the Coimbatore Aerodrome. Every Sunday after our lunch we friends used to go the airport to see the kind of people who used to come down. If luck favoured us we used to get blessed by the holy darshan of few celebrities. We happened to see the shooting of Ishq & Raja Hindustani fortunately. Not that I had not gone by plane before that; my father had taken us a couple of times - thanks to MTNL & their copper wires.

Yaa Katchi?

I wanted to blog about my interview at yahoo, but then something else that was more interesting came up. I was getting ready for the office today, and my 1½-year daughter Tejeswini was having her dosa (breakfast). She is a matured kid for her age and has learnt a lot of things herself. She has inherited few mannerisms from me too; one of them is touching the nose using the tongue.
I dug into the rack where my wife keeps my washed kerchiefs and found one. This is one of the blessings of married life, you get to use washed clothes always!

Depression – male menses!

The moods of human mind are seasonal and depression is like Chennai’s summer - it drains your energy completely and makes you feel yuck and tired both physically and mentally. These swings are also known as Male Menses - the only difference being men neither bleed nor they need the new winged Whisper to protect them.

Ayuthe Ezhuthu – 6 stars out of 5!

One thing I realized after watching Mani’s new sensation Ayuthe Ezhutu (Yuva in Hindi) is that never go by what the reviewers have to say about any movie. The heading read ‘Yuva disappoints’ on rediff and also few other movie sites, which readers tend to take seriously. Probably the reviewer left their 5 senses at home, and went with memories of Mani’s yesteryear movies to do a comparison business. Mani is known for his experiments and I am sure this is the best one he has ever undertaken so far.

Psychic Tarot – Your life packed in 78 cards

Oh my God! Give me a break. How can a set of 78 cards with abstract images on them predict about human lives, which is so unique and complex? And I think that was the stupidest question I have ever asked to my astrology teacher. I indeed regret for the same because it was too early for me to comment on a subject I didn’t have enough expertise.

Human life falls in a pattern and this pattern remains same for all. Life revolves around 12 important factors and is influenced by 9 celestial planets. It is the strength of each planet that goes to make an individual a beggar or the prime minister.

Contact Me

I find phone calls very irritating. I hate to pick up calls when I am in the middle of a consultation, or when I am having a good time with my friends and family members. So, I am sorry I won't be providing my phone number to you. You can get in touch with me in various other ways.

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Not all the testimonials I receive are posted here. There are many reasons - few of my clients don't want to accept that astrology works, few don't want to tell it out that my prediction came true for them, and few think it is better to stay anonymous. It is of course left to them.

A brand called Askenni!

And finally I got my design done and I extent my sincere gratitude to ‘Nellore ka King’..a.k.a Vaamsy Vardhan, and I am glad it happened. There is lot to be done as yet. Do check the page and give me your valuable suggestions. It is here!

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You can wire my service charges directly into my ICICI bank. Once you have decided on the service you are going in for, just drop me a mail at to get the exact bank details with IFSC code.

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Totally inspired by my friends Chota Bacchan (Abhishek) & Chota Rajan, I thought I should write my blog about an unusual conversation that usually takes place between my alter ego and myself…
Myself – Hey, is killing someone right?

Follow your inner light!

Mrs Sonia Gandhi has given one tight slap to the shameless BJP by just putting down the most desirable post of India - the post the Prime Minister. This is the same post most Indians want to reach in their political era, and this is the same post for which most political dramas, killings, and hypocrisy are undertaken. And we need to accept the fact that a person from Italy had to come down to India to educated us that it isn’t the post that matters but it is the values, principles and ideals that drive a nation. (I am sure if given a chance A B Vajpayee won’t mind being the PM even on his death bed!)

Satya Sai Baba – God or fraud?

I have always come across people who form their opinions in microseconds based on few ignorant reports published in the media. They tend to trust media more than the God himself. Recently I came across a report published in India’s foremost weekly ‘India Today’ about the charges against Puttaparthi Sai Baba. It interviewed few closest disciples of Sai Baba, and reported about the child abuse carried out by him and also about how he seem to have cheated people with his siddhis or magic (termed by few) of taking Shiva Linga from his mouth, or bringing a gold chain or the holy vibhuti (holy ash) from thin air!

What’s wrong if Sonia becomes the PM?

The elections are over and the results are out. It is a clear mandate and it is quite obvious that most Indians want ‘bharat ki bahu’ Sonia to become the Prime Minister of India and this has been proven by the way Congress has come back sweeping the polls in most places they contested from. But there is an issue, the issue of Sonia’s origin!

Astrology had always been a fascination for me, and thankfully I could learn it professionally 2 years back. In fact I had started predicting since childhood with my limited knowledge and had to stop reading due to a scary incident - one of my classmates died just one year after I had told him that he would die soon!

My Disclaimer

"If you have any opinion or comments about my blog, please keep it to yourself or start your own blog and put it up there. Please do not bother mailing me your inputs - both good and bad."

BLOG is a place that encourages free and creative expression, and as in any environment where people are given this freedom, conflict may arise. If an author uses language or materials that offend you, LEAVE.

The hazardous ‘turnstile’ at Tidel Park!

Tidel Park, one of the best STPs in Chennai, has it all - a swimming pool, a badminton court, a snooker joint, the best restaurant and a gym too. The only things they compromised are on the irritable turnstile and the arrogant security personnel.

Intelligent BJP and the foolish voters!

It all started when the TRP rating of the tele-serial Ramayan, directed by Ramanand Sagar, reached its peak in the lates 80s. People started seeing Arun Govil as the real Ram and Deepika as the real Seeta. There were incidents when Deepika was stoned when she was seen smoking in Seeta’s attire, thus was the power of characterisation.

My friends and I had a discussion about how to popularize my website – among netizens, and Rajan (also called Chota Rajan) came up with an idea of making it visible on the search engines using meta tags and also by understanding how search engines really works. Vamsee (a designer cum lover boy) supported his views mmm but I wasn’t happy with the idea!

Based on our Internet experience, three of us were called for a Hindi seminar conducted at Loyola College, Chennai. It was one of my predictions coming true for myself. Just 10 years back when I was a college student, I used to stare at our special guests and think I should be called to present a seminar few years later AND IT HAPPENED!

When I was banned from blogging!

It all started when my Internet Company started BLOG as their new feature. I was damn excited about the whole concept, and started blogging on all topics that interested me the most viz sex, astrology, spirituality, religion, corporate hypocrisy, and my male chauvinistic thoughts. I never thought being a male chauvinist was a sin - just that other men don’t accept it, and I do. My blogs instantly got me into controversy from the yang side of the office, and the yin joined them.

Stop begging, start blogging!

Web Logs is the newest craze among the netizens, and more and more people have started trying their luck at blogging to share their experiences and thoughts! The main funda of blogging is to get more and more people to read your blog, and to build a community of you own. Of course, there are people who are least bothered about getting people on to their site. They blog, just like that, because all else do, and also because they don’t have anything else to do.

If you have been working hard and still wonder about your lack of growth in a particular corporate company, it need not be due to your incompetency but could be because you are too intelligent!

CORPORATE GYAAN 7 – Whom to recruit & why?

There are only two kinds of people who work for a corporate company. The one who are very good team members and another who are good leaders. An ideal manager/employer would understand this quality of an employee in microseconds, and a dumb manager would never have come across this concept at all.

CORPORATE GYAAN 6 - The Corporate Kingdom!

The IIMites aren’t God sent, nor God take some extra time to program their minds. They are normal Homo sapiens with 1 head and 1 brain, just that they are blessed with more money and more power to play and experiment with. Most corporate in India and around the world have been set up by people who never had a formal degree in management, and 2 years training could never convert an ass (I mean donkey) into a horse.

Jesus was crucified, Osho Rajneesh was slow poisoned, Socrates was poisoned, Aristotle was jailed and called insane…all because they never COMPROMISED on what they thought was RIGHT! They had an opinion, they had a view, and they had a thought, which they felt was correct and stuck to that till the end, undeterred - come what may!

It was the battlefield of Kurukshetra, and King Arjuna had dropped his weapons out of mere confusion about how fighting against his own relatives and loved ones could get justified! Lord Krishna came to his rescue and preached him about ‘Karma’, meaning duty mostly confused with work in the modern scenario, and thus the Holy book Bhagwadgeeta came into existence. But I am sure Lord Krishna was completely unaware of the fact that his golden words ‘Karmane Vaadhikarastye Ma Phaleshu Kadachana’ will be applied to Corporate Culture in the 21st Century!

Beg, borrow, steal or swipe your credit card…but get yourself some latest wardrobe (which has a prominent label on it of a POPULAR BRAND), a huge pair of shoes (it is ok if is too loose for your feet, but it should look worth few grands for sure), and a tiny mobile phone (the only thing on the planet, which a MAN feels - the smaller the better).

Burn your pocket, invest on the latest mobile in the market, pull your socks up and enjoy the attention you can gather by playing few stunts in the office with your sleek small one. It is ok, if you realize later that the amount you paid for the mobile is huge. You can always skip your breakfast to compensate on that, and tell people you are on a diet if they notice your weight loss.

Your educational qualification can get you through the written test. Your communication skill can get you through the interview. And once you are on a job, the only thing that will take you ahead is your relationship with your boss.

Confused thoughts on media, science & astrology!

My college HOD once said, “what you think or do today is decided by the 10 rich people from across the globe,” and that info came as a shock to me. That golden sentence opened my senses, and made me realize how much we are influenced and how much we are programmed by the society, so that we stop thinking originally.

Oops…my prediction went wrong!

I got a call from my wife today morning telling me that one of my friends for whom I had predicted a female child has delivered a male child! That really makes me feel yuck about my astrological skills. It gives me a feeling that is exactly opposite to the ecstatic feeling that I get when my predictions come true.

My mom’s dog died & I had got the message!

I had got my mom a Pomeranian puppy in 1994. As we grew, my sisters and me, we moved to hostel to take up our studies. I thought a dog could really fill the vacuum my parents are going to face, and honestly it did. Ringo became a family member and my mom referred me to be his elder brother, this would sound funny for people who have never had a pet in their lives.

The power of number 9!

I was wondering what should I blog on today? Not that I am short of ideas, just that I am so much full that I am a bit confused which topic to select. Should I write about the missing missionary position in Vatsayana's Kama Sutra, or Indian techniques to enlarge your penis as discussed in KS, or give a jhankar version tips to woo the neighbourhood lady! Thought I will keep those topics for later, and would write something about the number 9! (No, I am not going discuss about eunuchs here. Incidentally they are referred as 9 in South India, and number 6 in North India for a simple reason that when 9 is put in reverse it looks 6 and vice versa. So, eunuchs are people who are neither 6 nor 9 somewhere in between. Both put together it is 69 oops that gives me idea for another blog :D )

When astrologers become a laughing stock!

Mundane (prediction on major events) predictions aren’t easy. Reading personal charts doesn’t need much of guts, but to predict events for a state or country or a special event an astrologer needs to have balls of steel!

Eve teasing could get ugly beyond a point!

Though my views are anti-women most of the time, I have not ever tried to take undue advantage of them. Neither have I ever crossed my limit nor have I tried to disturb the space women enjoy. Not that I am already a saint (though I am trying to become one someday), I do stare at the erect nipples seen through the tight t-shirt women wear (the latest trend in my office place) and also I do glance at the bulging butt comfortably visible in the tight jeans women wear with a short shirt on the top. I keep my comments to my close friends and myself and see to it NONE is hurt in the process, especially the girl I am commenting on.

Life got boring, so thought would resign!

I submitted my resignation. I know it is the dumbest thing to do on the planet when you have your pregnant wife, a 1 ? year old kid, and a beautiful dog …all depending on you for survival, and that too without another job on hand! But I could not help it. Everyone has a breaking point, and when pushed to the limit all behave cranky, and I am sure I am one among them.

Chennai summer saves my marriage!

I didn’t start my blog to preach or to corrupt your clean thoughts with my nonsense articles. I just wanted to prove a point to few ass*** and a couple of bitches, and I think I succeeded in the same. Some 75 page-views per day for an unknown scribe like me is indeed a big deal, and that proves my point.

Is success for eccentrics?

We happened to have a small debate on successful people in our office, and my argument was most successful people are/were eccentrics! Of course people had their points against me, but then the discussion stopped midway. Hence thought would blog on what SUCCESS is all about!

My birthday on 9th April!

This year my birthday falls on a Good Friday, the day when Jesus Christ was crucified, so thought I will not celebrate it. My misconception about Jesus Christ was completely shattered after watching 10 minutes of Passion of Jesus Christ, the latest movie released by Mel Gibson. The movie converted me into a sincere FAN of Jesus Christ, not a Christian though!

My experience and experiment with SPIRITS!

I don’t remember from when I started believing in the concept of spirits, and also could not recollect who introduced me to them. But I know for sure they always scared the shit out of me. I kept myself away from getting involved in these vague paranormal entities until I watched a TV program about MEDIUMS on Raj TV’s Bio Data!

Me and My psychic powers!

After my ecstatic experience with my Kundalini, I started spending more and more time meditating. Thanks for all the motivation given to me by my Guru. Few funny things started happening as days passed. I started having visions about my life. I saw my life unfolding in the form of a movie… I knew what will I be, and also when I will die! It was scary, but then I was happy I knew it.

Kundalini awakening in ME!

I had read many books on Kundalini, and all kept mentioning the same thing that it is an energy pocket hidden under the urostyle, and you can initiate that by deep meditation. Theory wasn’t helping me much. I needed a miracle in my life, hence stopped seeking spiritual growth from 1995.

Multiple orgasms in women - a myth!

My sexual exploration started from the age of 3 ? when I took my LKG classmate (Kalpana) under the table to see what she had inside her panty! God knows why I did that, when I didn’t even had any intention or purpose at that tender age. Of course when I grew up the same act had many purposes, which would be termed explicit if discussed here.

Why women wear lipsticks?

I have been blogging for 4 weeks now, and have got varied feedback from friends and other bloggers. Just 2 days back my friend Rajan ( commented that my blog on CONDOMS (scroll down to read) wasn’t good compared to other blogs. He said it wasn’t well researched! And yesterday my brother in law told me that my style of writing is good, and I should take up writing as my career or at least make money out of it.

Why do people shy away from Condoms?

My friend Nopin (24) in Mumbai, name changed for security reasons, had an affair with a married woman (35) with 2 kids. No, the hubby wasn’t dead nor he was in Dubai or Saudi. He was very much alive in flesh and blood staying with her. But nothing could stop my friend, who had a dazzling personality with excellent communication skill, from pataoing the woman.

I pity those women who show a lackadaisical attitude in getting married, thinking it is a life-long bondage that could impinge their freedom of existence. It could undoubtedly be said that the concept of MARRIAGE was introduce by the men, who readily restraint themselves from their selfish desires, to save the women from the burdens of life.

Why women wear heels!

I might lay down women anytime, but would think twice before I put them down. I respect them, I adore them, I admire them, and at times I look at them as sex objects too. For me sex plays a major role in anybody’s life. I would not exist if my parents thought sex was sick, and you would not be reading my blog if your parents thought the same!

There are various ways to get enlightened and Tantrik Sex is one of them rarely used today. Most saints are aware of this technique, but refuse to talk about it as the moment they talk about SEX they are termed as fake.

Why India will never become Kamyaab!

I really doubt that EK din will ever come! The one who realizes that India will never become kamyaab becomes a NRI, and the people who cannot make it abroad become politicians! Politicians? I am not just talking about the 400 and odd members sitting in the parliament, I am also referring to those politicians in WHITE collar whose soul purpose of existence is bringing down talents!

Sex stories in the (un)holy Bible - a revelation?!

You are here out of your choice, and not by force! You can read on and leave your comment, or press the back button and read some BORING BLOG about the day-to-day activity of Kaidi Kannayiram or Prof Popatlal!

It is my thought space ANYWAYS!

I am not here to put down the Holy Bible by putting up the SEX stories in them. I am here to tell that it is all about the WAY YOU LOOK AT IT!

Need a girl aged between 24 and 28, OK looking but with a awesome figure, not taller than 5’5, should not have any inhibition for sex, sexual positions and sexual fantasies, should not have headaches after 10 pm, could have had a history but should not have STD, should be a good cook and should also cook, need not be literate but should be intelligent and knowledgeable, should know to survive without making complain calls to her mom, need not earn but should not burn partner’s pockets, should have a phobia for credit cards, should be healthy enough to stand two TIGHT slaps (MTV style) occasionally.

Please mail me your bio at if you meet the above criteria.

An insight into BRAssieres!

Women’s breasts have two important purposes one to attract the men and another feeding the child. If noticed carefully most Indian temples have sculptures of women with erect and pointed breasts, which is non-existent in nature except for people like Pamela Anderson who have filled their flesh with silicon.

Life and life’s pattern!

The Zen philosophy says ‘Empty yourself and let the divine flow through you’, and that is exactly what I am trying to do. I am in the process of emptying all that I have know, all that I have read, understood, discovered and invented so that when I leave my body there is nothing that I have held back.

Were Jesus Christ & Karna ALIENS?!

There is a subtle difference between loneliness and aloneness. Loneliness happens when people leave you alone and aloneness happens when you choose to be alone. And I have always been in love with aloneness…and that is when I get these vague thoughts that I blog on.

What women want?!

Most theories say women fall for men who have - clean habits, a good sense of humour, ok looks, modesty, and a cool character. I don’t deny that at all. Women indeed enjoy the friendship or I should say companionship of men with the aforesaid attributes. It is all good till the relationship metamorphosis and leads towards a committed relationship a.k.a. marriage.

Prostitution - the oldest and the noblest?!!!

I have sincere adoration for sex workers, not for their beauty but for their honesty. At least they don’t lie or hide about what they do in their lives, unlike few women who sleep with someone else and marry someone else – and lie to their husbands forever!

Fleeting thoughts on patriotism!

I am not a patriot. I deny being an entity of a particular country only because I was born there - that too without my consent!

Lose interest in pretty women in 5 minutes!


Most men think that women are uncorrupt lovely angels directly downloaded from the heaven. Men drool; they waste their time, money, thoughts, and sometimes their lives just in the hope that leading a life with a beautiful woman could be the best experience they could ever witness. It isn’t true. Here is a revelation! Pretty women do belch, fart and shit as any man does, and also are the MOST nagging creatures God has ever created! And to be honest a woman is a liability forever.

Nobel prize? BIG deal!

There was a hell lot of hue and cry about Rabindranath Tagore’s missing Nobel Prize, which was found in a dustbin by a paper picker few days later. The episode took me few years back, when a funny incident forced me to read about Alfred Nobel – the inventor of the devastating DYNAMITE, which still is used in landmines that cripples few thousands every year!

Colours and Human Mind!

My dad used to hate me for wearing black pants most of the time. He could not realize my logic behind wearing it - it suited most of the shirts I had, and also need not be washed for days together. He is a staunch believer of astrology, and always considered black to be bad.

Why men are better than women!

Reaching where man has already reached doesn’t make any woman equal to man. Whether it is reaching the top position in a Corporate company, or it is a journey to the moon, woman can come up in their lives only if two important men in their lives give them the needed freedom…their father and husband. End of the day, they still have to depend on men for freedom. This was the case and it will remain one forever!

If you are one of those men, who have been recently/decently ditched by the girl you loved the most? Then keep reading…here are few easy tips that will help you to come out of the relationship and make you ready for another relationship.

Who Am I?

By God's grace I 'WAS' a celebrity astrologer on, Yahoo India, MSN India, rediff, astrolife,, and and and have been able to travel to Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, UAE, Hong Kong, and Macau.

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