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By God's grace I 'WAS' a celebrity astrologer on Astroyogi.com, Yahoo India, MSN India, rediff, astrolife, oneindia.in, clickastro.com and astrovisiononline.com and and have been able to travel to Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, UAE, Hong Kong, and Macau.

What I think I am!

Things other than FTV, pretty women, and bikinis that make me drool are astrology, religion and spirituality. I am miles away or I should say lives away from getting enlightened, for I am still ruled by my senses. Of course at times, I get a control over them, but then it doesn't take few microseconds for maya to pull me back into the vicious cycle of desires.

Astrology is one subject that helps me to understand human lives better. Each chart is a new challenge for me. Analysing a chart, I am able to touch base with REALITY that life is karmic, and that our spirit is eternal.

How much ever, we could argue, but still the truth remains that we are driven by impulse. Everything happens on its own accord and we are just on lookers! Whether it is about getting a girl on a date, or it is about getting a decent salary hike. Everything is destined. Don't abuse the girl nor put down your boss, for they are just being used by the cosmos for what they are doing, and even they cannot take responsibility for the same!

This Blog is for a selfish reason - to help you & also to make some money in the process! Even helping others, according to Osho Rajneesh is an ego trip.

What others think I am!

Having existed in worldliness as a content manager for 8 years being part of dot coms, Kennedi Gopalan took up astrology as a fulltime profession in 2004. And since then he has been practicing Vedic Astrology, Tarot Reading, Vaasthu Shastra and Feng Shui.

This divine art /science was professed to Mr G Kennedi by eminent Indian astrologer Mr K B Gopalakrishnan, whom he holds in high regards and respect.

Astrology is not just a profession 'a mere bread and butter factor' for him. And when it comes to astrological predictions, he is a zealot, extremely fervent and hence does justice to the subject.

Mr G Kennedi happens to be an unconventional astrologer who doesn't mince words rather isn't diplomatic, and his predictions are unadulterated and precise. Also he doesn't believe in giving remedies like........ name change or lucky gems....... unless there is a genuine need.

People from all over the world consult him - irrespective of their religion, and their belief system. And G Kennedi has been maintaining his swelling global clientele for the last 12 years. Although he is full house with clients, as a new or as an existing client, he will always make you feel comfortable each time.

Click here to know what my clients have to say after consulting me!


*Covered in 'Business World' magazine in September 2005 issue by Rashmi Bansal
*Interviewed by Arnab Goswami on 'Times Now' TV Channel on August 24, 2006
*Covered in 'Business World' magazine in July 2010 issue
*Covered in 'The New Indian Express' newspaper on May 12, 2011
*Covered in 'The Times of India' newspaper on March 28, 2012


*Professional astrologer since the year 2004

*I am a student of Chennai's astrologer K Gopalakrishnan, who gave me the filtered version of astrology, which helped me save time on huge books and scriptures written on astrology. I extend my sincere gratitude to him!

*I 'WAS' a celebrity astrologer on most leading Indian Astro portals (astroyogi.com, Yahoo India, MSN India, rediff, astrolife, oneindia.in and astrovisiononline.com)

*I don't believe in giving remedies........in name change or in gems....... unless there is a genuine need

*Expertise - Vedic Astrology, Tarot reading, Prashna Shastra, Vaasthu Shastra, Feng Shui.

*Global Clientele

*100% confidentiality nurtured


*Had predicted that Jayendra Saraswathi was innocent in the year 2004 (the year he was arrested)

*Chiranjeevi will never make it in politics - predicted in August 2008

*Formation of Telengana - predicted in December 2009

*Satya Sai Baba's death - predicted in November 2010

*Nelson Mandela's death - predicted in March 2013

*Other important predictions that came right


I usually hate to talk about my academic and personal achievements. But still..

*I have done my Masters degree in Mass Communication and Journalism (a 2-year post graduation, and not that 1-year diploma). Have undergone extensive trainings in The Statesman, New Delhi, AVRC (the producers of UGC programme), and ZEE TV, Mumbai.

*I started my career with a 2-month stint at JETWINGS, the in-flight magazine of JET AIRWAYS. Later, joined the FIRST DOT COM in the country, The Indian Express Online Media (The Indian Express Online Version), worked there for 3 years.

*Later joined Sify.com and completed the assignment of being the Channel Manager for Sify Astrology for 4 years!

*One of the members of the 3-member team to have started 24/7 live news updates in India

*The first MAN behind putting up the most comprehensive CRICKET WORLD CUP 99 site in India, and the part of the first team to give live updates of cricket scores on the NET

*The first to start a portal on PHOTOGRAPHY called www.tasveerein.com, acknowledged by Better Photography magazine, India?s foremost magazine on photography

*Part of the team, which conducted LIVE ELECTION PANEL DISCUSSION on the web. A feat yet to be repeated on the Internet

*And last but not the least the think tank behind the success of Sify Astrology

My urge and experiments for and with sex, religion, astrology and meditation started from the age of 4, and I am still passionate about them!


Mother Teresa - for hugging the weirdest people on the planet
Jesus Christ - to have blessed the people who tortured him
Jaya Lalithaa - to have castrated men on the sub-conscious level and made them fall in her feet
Osho Rajneesh - for his guts to call Jesus Christ an unfertilized egg
Laloo Prasad Yadav - for his innocent killer instinct
Adolf Hitler - not for killing Jews, but to have set the trend of dictatorship
Charles Chaplin - to have to balls to mock Adolf Hitler, and make Hitler's moustache look funny forever
Thomas Alva Edison - for his 1096 inventions, in spite of having a nagging wife
Sigmund Freud - again to have the balls to call every kid a MF - Oedipus Complex!


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