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Internet Usability - Make it easy for the surfers!

Sitting at a high-speed broadband office need not necessarily give you an idea about how difficult it is for the browser to check your websites from any cyber café or from home for that matter. In my personal experience, I have failed to browse few important Indian sites from home – and the only hindrance - the page being as heavy as an obese mammoth and the Internet speed as slow as an AIDS-stricken snail.

Lakshya – aimless!

The difference between a good movie and a super hit movie is its repeat value and Lakshya lacks it completely. Farhan Akhtar, of the Dil Chahta Hai fame, has done everything but has failed to impress the audience.

Hrithik Roshan is living in an acute phase of life where he has a girl friend for romance, a rich dad to sponsor his expenses, and servants to look after him, and the million dollar question he needs to seek answer for is – what is he gonna do about his life?

If you want to attain enlightenment or seek nirvana, there is no need that you have go on an exile. The perfect atmosphere is very much available in any Corporate, where you will be subjected to all sorts of situations, both funny and nonsensical, that will transform you into a stronger being.

Comments from my blog readers, so far!

Criticism of course flies faster than appreciation - and that remained the rule of life always. Views, opinions, perception and ideas differ from people to people and that is what makes an individual unique. Here is a list of comments people have posted on my blog, so far.

Why I don’t carry a mobile phone

People have called me a pervert, and I have been highly criticized for having a bit of outright sexual content without much of diplomacy in my blogs. But as expected my yesterday’s article on gay and lesbians got the maximum page views! End of the day the truth remains that people do love to read and indulge in sex but when it comes to accepting the fact they shy away.
Here are few reasons I don't carry a mobile phone....

Gay & lesbian trends - a psychological disorder!

It has become a fad to be referred as a gay or a lesbian. And straights have started accepting the concept thinking they are too broad minded. Few argue that it is just their sexual preference and they have their own choices to make – whether they want same sex partner or the opposite. If gay & lesbian traits are sexual preferences, then why are pedophiles, rapists, masochist, sadists, necrophilics and nudists sidelined? They could argue it is their sexual preference, which others need not accept!

Movie making – one of my dreams!

Farhan Akhtar’s ‘Lakshya’ is a hit. Would you believe if I tell you that I told the same story to my sister 5 years back! I am not trying to say Farhan stole my story just that he is in the right place at the right time and that happens to be the secret of most successful people.

Father, dear father!

June 15th was my dad’s birthday and I forgot to call him. I regret that I never belonged to the generation where fathers treat their children as friends. My father was always a terror, and we (my 2 elder sisters and me) hardly would speak to him. My mom was a mediator always, and everything would reach him through her - whether it’s about a new dress we want or it is about going on a school picnic.

Rediff joins the 1 GB space war!

Google started the space war and others have started reacting. Google embarrassed other mail services by providing 1 GB mail space, while Yahoo had to control themselves by giving 100 MB. And before other Indian mail services could think about their next strategy, rediff came with a bang to save its millions of mail users – 1 GB space!

Life so far - The real side of me!

I never was interested in my curriculum. I studied only because my parents wanted me to. Honestly my father was (is) a terror, and I remember I used pee in my pants when he yelled at me. Looking back there are no regrets about how life has happened to me. I should sincerely thank the co-education concept and all those girls and women in schools & colleges who kept motivating me all through my life. Even their silence meant a lot to me.

Hate your boss? Sack him!

1 GB, 100 MB so where do we stand?

G Mail provides 1GB (1000 MB) space, Yahoo Mail provides 100 MB, and Indian Mail services provide 6 MB space and still think it is seriously big! This example not only talks about server space but also if given a closer look could question Indians’ space in the world in the coming years.

When I was called a fake!

A couple of months back one of my friends (a girl) who also is my astrology client accused me of being a fake astrologer. And I knew she was serious and not joking. It seems her friends told her that I didn’t know anything about astrology, and that I read charts to impress the girls and later take them for a coffee!

‘Dev’ leaves a lump in your throat!

The screen opens with a disclaimer – “All the characters and incidents in this movie are fictitious and any resemblance to people living or dead is mere coincidence,” and wish that was true. The bomb blasts, the killing of pregnant women, misguidance given by police officers, politicians’ direct indulgence in gruesome killing of minority community and setting people on fire alive doesn’t sound like Govind Nihalani’s imagination.

Prashna Shastra – Interconnectedness of life!

This product is best suited for people who don?t have their birth timings right! The prediction are done based on the time at which the client seeks prediction from the astrologer!

Venus attacks for the first time!

I am sorry if the headline is misleading. The blog has nothing to do with the recent Venus transit. It is about Venus - my dog who is 4 months old now.

When I was bribed

I am no one to judge. Neither I am against corruption nor I am for it. I believe in the law of karma, but sometimes I have failed to see the law manifesting instantly. If Karma means 'as u sow, so shall u reap' then why did the father of ahimsa Mahatma Gandhi got shot dead while Cambodian dictator Pol Pot died a peaceful and natural death even after killing 2 million people?

Alter Ego – Hey, what’s wrong?

Myself – I really don’t know. May be male menses or I should say things aren’t moving at the pace I want them to.

Words like honesty, dedication, and truth are similar to animals like dodos – extinct but still found in dictionaries. The new set of terms that has to be inculcated is – lies, diplomacy, back stabbing, and falsehood - collectively termed PROFESSIONALISM. And professionalism is the only thing that can save your job and allow you to grow in any organization. Talent, qualification, originality, new ideas all other shit take a back seat.

My Mumbai Trip – A nostalgic disappointment!

I am back from Mumbai, this time with few good memories and few new realizations. I realized that human life is more or less like the Sixth Sense movie. We happen to concentrate on our career, wonder about our promotions, complaint about our nagging boss, laugh at the miniscule salary hikes, worry about the family and children’s life totally forgetting about another story that was running on the parallel track – we are ageing and each day we are getting closer to death.

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