When I was called a fake!

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A couple of months back one of my friends (a girl) who also is my astrology client accused me of being a fake astrologer. And I knew she was serious and not joking. It seems her friends told her that I didn’t know anything about astrology, and that I read charts to impress the girls and later take them for a coffee!

These kind of baseless charges against astrologers aren’t new. It happens and this kind of accusations is the toughest thing for any astrologer to digest.

It is not that all the astrologers have succeeded in controlling their sexual prowess, nor it could be true if I say that they don’t feel attracted towards their clients. After all astrologers are human beings with the same hormonal functionalities.

The relationship between astrologer and his clients can be compared to any doctor-patient relationship. Of course women open up to a very large extent to both astrologers and doctors, and also there are plenty of chances for both (astro and the doc) of them to use the situation in their favour. But they don’t. The first lesson I learnt from my teacher is – never sleep with your clients, as it happens to be biggest sin, which could affect your lineage! And even a fake astrologer is aware of this fact.

I usually wonder why sexual scandals are always associated with saints, astrologers and people who are into religious and spiritual activities. I know BIG Corporate organizations where people sleep around to get salary hikes and promotions, I have come across incidents where the boss and the subordinates were caught watching porn in the office and I know about people who have got warning messages from women for their sexual advancements.

One wrong example out of millions cannot illustrate the complete scenario. There are millions of saints and astrologers in India, ask yourself how many fake names do you remember?

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