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Dear Shoaib Akhtar!

Hope you remember me, in case you don’t here is a quick recap. After all the hulla-gulla you guys created about my blog on one of the leading portals – here is the copy of the last blog I had posted, the nasty comment you had left, and my response to your comment – though 4 months late.
BTW guys I am leaving for Coorg with my friend Suraj Varma tomorrow and will be back on August 2nd, 2004. Check out tips on how to get in and get out of an extra marital affair on Monday ;)

Walk-in interview for software professionals in Chennai

One of my close friends happens to work with MindTree in Bangalore and his company at present is looking out for software professionals urgently. They are conducting a walk-in interview in Chennai this weekend, hence thought this blog would help few people who read my blogs regularly. All the best!

Yahoo messenger can put you in trouble!

Yahoo messenger has undoubtedly redefined the way people communicate today. You can keep in touch with old friends, create new friends instantly, disguise as a girl to fool DESPERADos, flirt, strip, fall in love, and also have a wholesome orgasm through cyber chat. It is easier to communicate on and maintain relationships through messengers, as there always is a backspace to edit what you want to say.

The live ONS I watched in Dadar-Chennai Express!

I was 22 and she was 19. I met her during my sister’s marriage, and in fact she was my brother in law’s sister. She instantly liked me, God know for what reasons. We met in June 1998 and decided to marry in August 1998. We didn’t wanted to understand each other before getting married, rather preferred to get married and then take time to understand each other.

People change with time!

I had already met him 2 years back, and the experience wasn?t good. He was under tremendous stress, portrayed a villain like look, didn?t look into my eyes while negotiating and seemed very cunning. The business tie up broke, and we parted ways with bitter memories. I never wanted to meet him this time, but I had to. My colleague wanted me to have a word with him, because we were tying up with him again. I crossed my table with hell lot of reservations, but what I saw was inexplicable.

The stunts wives play!

Love could be a bouquet of roses, but marriage is an altogether different game. It isn?t a bed or roses as wisely said, but it is a relationship where a man compromises on his ego, self-respect and ultimately loses his individuality just to save the relationship. There also seems to be misconception floating around the society that the wives are always better genre than the husbands, and that there is always a woman behind a successful man. It would be ideal if it is rephrased as ? ?women are always AFTER successful men, and not behind.?

The rocket science behind Gambling!

I don’t want to comment on the Supreme Court’s judgement about whether Horse Racing is sports or a gamble played on mere luck. I might get arrested for defamation of court. But then according to my personal opinion, I don’t find anything sportive about horse racing. Instead I have seen families badly hit by loans & credits, and people who have ended up being a pauper after gambling their hard-earned money on these animals.

I have joined the Tata, Birla list!

Huh! After 6 months of hard efforts, yahoo messenger chats, advises, debates and the long wait for our Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s interim budget I made up my mind. I finally invested in a Laptop and could join the list of Tatas and Birlas who use their notebook to do business.

Most holy places in India are situated on mountaintops. And I could not find any person who could give me an apt answer for this trend? Is it because God doesn’t want to see you? Or is it because he wants to test your patience? It took a lot of time for me to interpret about why is it so difficult to visit a pilgrimage of your choice even when you have enough money and power!

Total detachment comes through total acceptance!

Most enlightened people advice on an interesting concept of taking your mind to a state where nothing external affects you. The whole of Zen philosophy is based on this technique of staying alert, conscious, and keeping your mind detached from all worldly pursuits. It might sound easy to read, preach and philosophize but in reality it is the most difficult thing to practice. Training your mind using your own conscience is like trying to lift your own body – you never know when you will succeed and when you will fall miserably.

It happens only in India!

My sister had invited us for lunch on 10th June, and we (my wife, my daughter and me) were on our way on my bike. On the route we witnessed an accident. A bike had hit the back wheel of the tricycle that carried gas cylinders. The biker who had bad fall was limping to the sides of the road, and the cylinder guy was sitting on pavement rubbing his feet in real pain. From his expression it was clear that he indeed had a tremendous hit. I recognized him at once. I had met him some 2 years back.

The difference between love and marriage

Few are blessed people, as they tend to love someone else and marry someone else. And few carry a curse of marrying the same person they fall in love with. The former can at least be content with the illusion that his life would have been better if he had married the first one. While the latter has no other choice than to live with his beloved and experience all the unexpected pain, agony and turmoil…forever.

Missionary position – missing in Kama Sutra!

Indians have been the most intelligent people who have ever lived on the planet. They were able to crack all the secret codes of existentialism, which helped people in living their lives to the fullest. They have meditated on all the possible permutations and combinations that a human mind would think about a specific subject. Whether it is about building a new house or it is about wooing your neighBORE’s wife - it is all there written and documented.

First Time – not as easy as you think!

The customs might differ, but the purpose remains the same. In South, the boy waits for the girl, while in the North the girl waits for the boy. Few laughter and giggle fill the air, and the couple is pushed into a decorated room. The man gulps a glass of milk, if possible shares it with the bride, they come close, the lights are put off, and it is pitch dark - none knows what happens next.

Saturn transit & its effect on Corporate Lives!

If an astrologer can know the future, why can’t he win a jackpot? If an astrologer knows when he is going to die, why can’t he escape death? And if an astrologer knows everything about his own life, why can’t he become a millionaire? There are few common questions that are posted to an astrologer by few supposedly intelligent people. The answer is simple – astrology depends on the law of destiny, and even astrologers are born with a set of karmic limitations.

Research say 90 per cent of competent employees throw away their job just because they don’t have a good relationship with their IMMEDIATE boss. The company would be great, the colleagues would be friendly, but then end of the day if you aren’t happy with the person whom you interact on an everyday basis – job & life could get unpleasant.

Barkha Dutt - a new controversy!

I love getting comments but the reaction I got from one of my journalist friends, who was with ‘The Hindu’ for 5 years, came as a surprise to me.
‘I won't say a word about your review. But I have to take you up on your statement that some soldiers were killed saving Barkha Dutt's life. Nothing of that sort ever happened. Your review is your opinion. You are entitled to it. But that statement passes off as information, as absolute truth, and you do not attempt to back it.'
Lots of people, especially Barkha, NDTV and news baiters, would take that sort of statement to be true. I don't care about Barkha, but this surely insults the soldiers who thought they were dying for a nobler cause.’


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