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Why August 30, 2004 is very special for me!

Today my wife and I complete our 6th year of married life. And this year stays particularly special, as she has honoured me with the best gift possible ? a daughter! Yeah, I am a father of 2 girl children today, and I feel a lot proud about the same. The first angel is called Tejeswini and we are planning to name the second one as Priyadarshini.

All in the divine plan!

One fine morning I had two questions on my mind ? do I have a dream? And am I moving towards it? I got negative answers to both the questions. I had to pull my socks, and convince myself to take the decision. The final decision of breaking free from the job I was currently doing. At least I need to come out of the comfort zone of posh office, clean bathrooms, centralized a/cs and 24 hours of net connectivity!

Come out of your home, there is more to sEXPLORE!

Rajan suggested me a fantastic topic to try my luck at . The possible places where people can have SEX! I found it quite interesting and wrote everything that came to my mind, and Rajan gave the final touches. Do let me know if you find it interesting enough to be accepted by askmen. Can askenni make it to askmen? It is your chance to predict!

I need your help!

Dear Friend,

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I had asked , one of world?s best portals for MEN, if I can contribute for their site and I have received a mail from them. They have asked me to send some samples on topics like - astrology, dating, sexuality, fashion, health and sports. As am sure everybody knows, I selected the first 3 topics to write about. Now my problem is what could be the topic that could interest most readers. And I need your help on the same. Please post your ideas as comment, or mail me your suggestions about the topic that relates to sexuality, dating and astrology, to or you can send me an instant message by clicking the Y! icon provided on the left navigation bar.

G. Kennedi
Editor ?

How to differentiate between intuition and illusion?

Every seed has the potential to become a tree provided it gets the right environment to grow. The same way every human being is blessed with the power of intuition, and it depends upon the individual about how he/she goes about sharpening his/her power.

Why people shy away from sexual diseases/disorders?

I am glad that people are starting to like my blogs. And the good news is they comer forward to suggest me topics, someone suggested me to write about his aunt who died of breast cancer leaving behind 2 kids, and another friend of mine suggested me to blog about the difference between intuition and illusion. The first one was a bit important than the other hence thought would write on it.

Nag Panchami - and a snake visits my house!

I was busy with some important work at office, and I got a call from my wife. She said a snake has come into the house, and she is scared ? obviously. She lives alone at home with my daughter Tejeswini and dog Venus. My house is some 5 kms from my office, and I could not reach my house in less than 20 mns. Intelligently, at least I thought I was, I asked what is the colour of the snake and she said ? full green. I immediately knew it wasn?t poisonous, and asked her not to kill the snake!

Money matters!

Before I open up with all that happened in my life in the past 6 months, I would like to share something interesting with you guys. I am now one of the panel astrologers on Sify Astrology - here is the URL you can visit to buy my customized products. At present I have showcased only one product ? and I will be introducing 9 other products at the earliest.
The last 6 months have the best in my life so far. A period in which I started hating most things around me?the job, the people, and the whole world to be precise. May be I took Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan?s words too seriously in my life.

Come on India we want a Gold now!

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore breaks the Olympics medal jinx by winning a silver medal for shooting in Athens - honestly I came to know his name only now. And am sure it is true for most people reading this blog. All had only a vague idea about the people who left to participate from India. I asked one of our sport editors to confirm the number, and he said 61 err 72. 72 I think! I stick to 72 and presume Malleshwari, Anju George, Kunjarani, Paes-Bhupathi and Dhanraj Pillai are the famous participants from among the team. They aren?t famous because of their potential, but are famous because they had proved their presence in the past by winning accolades?or else even their name would be in the forgotten list.

Mantras that work ? part 1

I need to thank the divine and my spiritual teacher to have bestowed upon me this wonderful science of mantra shastra. The topic I am going to blog isn't new. It was always been there - but the one who knew never shared the knowledge, and kept it as a community affair. Hope my blog helps and guides people who are in search of the ultimate truth - God!

Flag Hoisting – the most embarrassing thing I ever did!

I read somewhere on the internet that beautiful girls like muscular men, and hence I enrolled myself in one the gyms close to my house, and started working out like mad. In spite of 6 months of vigorous work out at the health club not a single girl got attracted to me. I stopped. I stopped visiting that website again.

When I became a believer!

I always found life useless. In fact I feel there is no need a person should be alive. The lift pattern is more or less the same for all. People are born, few get formal education few don?t, few study well few don?t, few get a good job few don?t, few get married few don?t, few become rich few don?t. There are few things that remain common for all ? all need food to survive, everyone has only 5 taste buds, the ratio of time a person stays happy and sad are similar for both - a beggar in Varanasi and the Microsoft head Bill Gates. What is different? Nothing. The chunks of people who feel that life is beyond these material successes become sanyasis ? but what next? Even they are incapable of escaping the cycle of birth, rebirths and death!

There is more to life & sex

All I knew was plain Vanilla one on one action, until one of my friends asked me to go to Persian Kitty in 1997. Till then I thought I knew everything about the most sorted desire. Once my exploration started the journey never stopped. Newer things started POPPING up one by one, and I could not hold my curiosity back. I could sense the vastness of the subject and realized that one lifetime isn?t enough to know everything about it.

What I understood about Osho Rajneesh!

I got introduced to Osho Rajneesh?s work in my 1st MA by one of my close classmates. I found his work very interesting, and his arguments fabulous. Osho somehow seemed to clear all the doubts I had about sanyas, religion and spirituality in the most lucid language. I was addicted to him and read no other books than his. And it took me 5 years for me to realize how dumb I was!

No politics please!

Just happened to see a headline on & that Shiv Sena Supermo Balasaheb Thackeray has hinted at making Narayan Rane as the next CM of Maharashtra. If I am right, Rane had already completed a stint as a CM between 1998 and 2000, taking over Manohar Joshi.

Coorg – a walk in the clouds! Part 2

Rekha, one of my friends, has started her own blog which talks about movie gossips. Try visiting and don’t forget to leave a comment – it will make her feel better. Today I have discovered that writing a travelogue is more tiring than the travel itself. Check out Part 2 of my trip to Coorg!

Can gems change your destiny?

Who doesn�t want to change his/her life? It would have been ideal if God had given a bit MORE of everything we have. Everyone seeks for better parents, a better salary, a better house, a better car, a better country to live in, a better wife and a better person to have sex with. None is content with what he has and is always in search of a better tomorrow. The hope and the dream of a better tomorrow is what have lead to all the misdevelopment around us. Or else we would have lived happily with what the existence had to offer to us.

I am yet to crack what death is!

I am back after a fabulous trip to Coorg, Bellur and Hallibed with my friend in his new Ford Ikon. I wanted to blog about the wonderful trip, but then my teacher’s father passed away last evening after a massive cardiac arrest. Hence thought would share few thoughts he had shared with me when he was alive.

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