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Why Sept 30, 2004 is important!

My 4¼-year stint at Sify comes to an end today. It would be a day when I will have to say a good bye to my identity as a Sifyite and also to my identity cards. For the last 4 days I didn’t get enough time to blog as I was busy transferring knowledge to the new person who will be taking charge of my responsibilities, and I wish him the very best in his new endeavour.

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Why commit suicide, when you have so many options left?

I was sure it was all over. The mind knew what was coming but the heart refused to accept. I was giving my last best shot and forcing things to happen. Logical conditioning is very hard to be broken as we are trained to try and try until we succeed - which is absolute nonsense. Any man gets the first glimpse of how destiny works when his first girl ditches him. You can’t change a thing in this world. Those last 2 months were the time when I was moving around with a strip of sleeping pills, and was sure that there could not be any life without her!

Answer to the most sought after question!

There is an interesting argument that is thrown to an astrologer many a times by both the believers and the non-believers. Even I have asked the same question to few astrologers thinking I was smart enough to put the astrologer down. Not many could give a convincing reply, until I myself learnt astrology and tried finding the answer to it. “Will 2 different people have the same future, if they are born on the same day, at the same time and in the same place?”

Should prostitution be made legal?

A small stroll after our heavy lunch has become a daily habit. We discuss about most of the things under the sun to divert our attention from our busy work schedule, and yesterday?s hot topic was why shouldn?t prostitution be made legal? My new friend, Hemant Sharma, a hardcore journalist had some valid point to support his stand, while Suren, another friend of mine, thought prostitution was not part of Indian civilization. And as you have rightly guessed?I took Hemant?s stand.
Check what a ?Pakistani Girl? has to say about me!

Interesting incidents with my clients!

One of my friend astrologers E K Dhilip Kumar , has started his own blog. I take this opportunity to welcome him to the bloggers community. And honestly he is one of the astrologers to have predicted that I will be a famous astrologer!

She came to me because she was not having a kid for a couple of years now (don?t get dirty thoughts). I checked her horoscope, and I found a very bad planetary combination for kids. I predicted that she wouldn?t be having kids for 5 years at least. I also convinced her that MIRACLES happen, and God?s decision is above all horoscopes. I gave her a mantra to chant, and asked her to pray with complete dedication. Just 2 weeks later, she came to me saying she is pregnant! I said that indeed is a miracle. And that was the last day she looked at my face.

So, what’s happening in my life?

I was contemplating about writing an article about ‘how to conquer the fear of an uncertain tomorrow’, which haunts all of us at any particular time. But before that I thought I would unburden myself with all that is happening in my life and all those thoughts that are keeping me busy these days. Honestly I feel like a liberated bird after I quit my job. I can see so many opportunities open, and so many new things I can do with my life – but whether I will succeed in achieving them is a BIG question.

Sony Walkman – Rs 200 only!

Our 1-month training at ‘The Statesman’, New Delhi was getting over, and we had to book out tickets back to Coimbatore. We, Chandru and me, were the last people to complete our summer training, while rest of the people had already joined the curriculum. Chandru was a philosopher whose only aim was to start a religion of his own, while I was a gadget freak.

Way to great sex!

Sexual relationship isn’t like having a quick burger at the McDonald’s. Of course it is exciting to indulge in a quicky once in a while, but then that should not happen your daily habit. Anything fast becomes junk, and anything junk is bad for health. It is a debatable topic about why people marry. Do people marry just for sex, or sex is just part of a married life? The reason depends upon individual perception, but in any case if you need to have a happy married life or a healthy relationship for the people who shy away from commitments, then don’t hold yourself back in exploring the wildest possibility of human body!

Why people call me Kennedi!

Kennedi? Was your father a JFK fan? That invariably is the first question people ask me in any interview. I know this isn?t going to bother anybody in the world why people call me Kennedi, I still thought I would throw some fascinating fact about why I was named one. I was born to a Christian mom and Hindu father, and always contemplated of marrying a Muslim woman so that whenever there is a communal clash, the rioters go confused.

How to meditate? – part 1

One of my skeptic friends called me at 10 pm from Bangalore and asked me to give him some quick tips on how to meditate. I thought instead of explaining him the whole procedure over the phone or typing them in my messenger window, I would rather blog on the topic so that it will be useful for all those who read my blog regularly.

Please note – Most of the things I know about meditation has come out of my personal experiences under the guidance of my spiritual teacher, and few of them are out of the knowledge I had gained reading books.

Friend in need, need not be a friend at all!

We were 11 girls and 5 boys, and our seniors called us ‘SWEET 16’. No, we weren’t performing one of Osho’s forbidden therapies, but were doing our Masters in Mass Communication and journalism from PSG college of Arts and Science, Coimbatore. Who said politics happen only in corporate office? It happens wherever people want to prove their power - it could be to prove their power of designation or it could be to prove their power of gender.

Internal orgasm ? the way to go/come!

By God?s grace, I am in touch with an interesting woman nowadays. She is damn active, sexually, and indeed ready to do anything and everything with men for men. In fact I should say she is the only woman who has given me a complex about the knowledge I possessed about sex. We went for a coffee recently, and I wanted to take the topic forward ? but to my dismay I ended up talking about astrology, religion and spirituality!

Do we really need to take the inverted triangle seriously?

I had to attend a telephonic interview with a Pune-based company yesterday between 6 and 8 pm. I was well prepared. At 5 I got a call from my 2-year-old daughter asking me to take her to the beach. In fact I had promised to take her to the beach, while leaving the house in the morning ? and she remembered it. The choices left were between an interview, which could get me a decent job and the smile that I can bring to my daughter?s face by keeping my promise. I decided to go with the latter.

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