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Our trip to Delhi ? a cool one, literally!

We are back in Chennai after our successful business meet in Delhi just to be welcomed by unexpectedly heavy rains in the city - of course a good nimitta (luck) to be blessed with. The travel was untiring and the stay was good. I was visiting Delhi after 8 years, and I found that nothing has changed. The same pretty babes, the same chilly breeze, the awesome food, and the same cheerful people ? everything completely UNLIKE CHENNAI!

I am off to Delhi!

To be a woman entrepreneur was always my sister’s dream. We tried our luck in the year 2000 by investing in an in-house magazine for Chennai shopping mall ‘Spencer Plaza’, and incurred a loss of 1.5 lakh. That doesn’t stop her. This time she is starting a ‘Data Conversion Center’, and I am joining her as a consultant. As always we are starting this business with lot of hopes, and very little money! Hope things unfold according to God’s plan. I am off to Delhi for a week for a business meet and will be back only on 30th October. Till then Happy Blogging!

Things I hate the most in life!

If only external factors didn’t affect our internal harmony am sure most Buddhist Monks and Indian Saints would have been seen in the crowded trains of Mumbai or in the fully packed Chennai buses. Though most people are in constant search of peace inside themselves, there is no doubt that the mental peace to a very large extent depends on what is happening outside us. No wonder the real seeker is seen meditating in the silent valleys of Himalayas and not in any of the metropolitan cities.
I am generally happy, content and have no complaints in life. But there surely are few things that trigger the animal in me, and here is the list of the things I hate the most in life.

Movie ideas!

I used to play with plastic toys, till I was 14. Guerilla was the hero, and the toy holding 2 guns in his hands was the villain. I had motorboats for the villain to kidnap the heroine, a bicycle and a string attached to the guerilla’s head to help him swing to save the heroine. Eveready batteries, empty nail polish bottles were stacked in villain’s den, as they stack empty drums in the movies. I supervised story, screenplay, direction and stunts and my mom was the producer as she was the one who never refused to get me those toys. My stories never had songs, and the only viewer was myself, as my sister always refused to sit with me – as I never gave her any of the responsibilities I handled!

Help others when they need, not when they don’t need!

I had already started to hate the world and the people around me during my last few days at my previous office. I disliked the way people turned thankless with time, and how they started back biting without remembering the past. Anybody’s life is all about events unfolding in a cycle - what comes down goes up and what goes up surely comes down someday – it is just a matter of time. Don’t ever think that people can always remain on the top – it has NEVER EVER happened in the history of mankind. Hitler, Alexander, Nepolean – and all those who thought were invincible had to eat dirt with time, and this holds good to every individual.

Veerappan dead, politicians safe!

And there comes an end to the forest brigand Veerappan after 17 years of existence in the deep jungles of Sathyamangalam. The charges against him were - he smuggled sandalwoods, killed few policemen and some 300 elephants. Hats off to the policemen who put their lives at stake in gunning him down, and also to JJ for the impressive package she announced for the 265 cops involved the operation. But there remains a gray area, which goes unanswered in the whole process. What made Veerappan to indulge in such a terrifying life? And if at all he made a fortune by selling those sandalwoods and elephant tusks - for whom did he save the money for, when he himself was not living a lavish life nor did he have a family to support.

My poor friend Rajan & weekly prediction Just For You!

Rajan , my newly wedded friend invited me for dinner last Saturday. I know him since the day he used to hide Rekha?s Yahoo chat window from me, as I used to sit just next to him in our office chatting to a US babe. They were going around for a while, and I was glad they got married too. Rekha, as other women, never wants her hubby to smoke, booze or to have that yuck Manichkchand masala, while Rajan as any other man makes all those false promises and gets away with it too.

Continued after your predictions for this week ? valid from Oct 18 ? Oct 25

How I got my first job?

He used to get up at 8 am, board the Mumbai?s crowded train at 9 am, reach the office at 10 am, work till 7 pm, reach home by 8 pm - rested for an hour and slept at 10 pm. Sundays were off, though it was just enough for him get over with his weeklong tiredness. My dad followed the same schedule from the day I know him, and when he got retired we were already out of his life. He slogged his life at MTNL for us, and once he had enough time we got busy with our jobs. He was indeed a workaholic and hardly had any time for the family. MTNL surely pays him off even today by crediting the monthly pension and by providing free phone facility. The choice left with me was should I follow his footsteps and pass it on the coming generation or break the pattern and become a detached wanderer. I thought latter was better, till I understood destiny has its own way of driving life through impulses ? I had to go through the process too!

My meeting with saintly people ? part 1!

I always had a fascination for saintly people who have huge following of rich disciples. I am amazed at the palatial ashrams they live in, the top-class educational institutions they run, and all the free medical help they render through their hospitals. No wonder, I fell prey to this spiritual romanticism and aim at constructing a similar ashram in the near future. Somehow I am blessed to meet these Babas through the right people, and I succeed in meeting them in person even if there are thousands of people waiting for the darshan. Yesterday, I happen to meet Melmaruvathur Adi Parashakti Amma , and by divine help I was one of the only 10 people out of the crowd of 35,000 to have touched his lotus feet on the 1st days of Navrathri ? considered to be very auspicious by all means.

What’s NOT in a name?

I came across an interesting incident a couple of weeks back. One of the astrologers was not getting enough orders through a particular astrology portal and the business team thought there could be an interesting reason behind it. He is a Christian by birth, and obviously he has a Christian name. And MOST Indians wouldn’t prefer to consult a Christian astrologer – and that was their argument. They called him up to ask him if he could change his name to a Hindu name, so that he can get good business. And thankfully he refused to do so.

Weekly predictions for you - valid from Oct 11 ? Oct 18!

Future looks bright, as things are falling places as expected. I have noticed one thing in life that human success completely depends on the illusionary truth called TIME. If you are running a bad phase, how much ever effort you put in making things right ? you won?t succeed, and at the same time if you are running a good period, success will come knocking at your door with the least effort. All those who have succeeded in their lives after ?great struggle?, as they term it, are those who never had the necessary patience to wait for their turn, or else they could have completely avoided being subjected to hard times.
Enough of gyaan on Monday morning, here is your prediction for this week. Do let me know if my predictions add any value to your life - ONLINE!

I am off to Tiruppur!

I am off to Tiruppur - the banian city, to meet my parents for a couple of days and will be back on Sunday morning. Do mail me your queries to my mail ID kennedig@yahoo.com

How destiny works!

In depth knowledge, innovative ideas, professional education and hard efforts - if you think these things will take you to the peak of success then probably you have missed to understood how good karma or human destiny works. Human success hardly depends on the aforesaid factors - it completely depends upon the good things you have done in your past lives ? and that is clearly visible in anybody?s horoscope.

Use Hinduism to become a Christian to reach Islam!

There is a general perception that all other religion except Hinduism are individual perceptions preached by Messengers of God, and that Hinduism is not a religion but is ?a way of life?. It can be considered true to some extent but then even Hinduism was formulated by a set of people - just that the number of people involved were more compared to Christianity or Islam. Hinduism never had ONE supreme preacher, and people whoever spread the religion spoke about things that were always part of the Hindu scriptures.

Weekly predictions just for YOU!

Can predictions done by categorizing billions of people under 12 major signs based on their birth dates hold any good? Quite debatable! It again depends on individual destiny. Clusters of people will read their predictions through various media, and not all will use the same source. Thus prediction, done by different astrologers in different media, will one or the other way suit individuals who use the respective source to get their predictions.

People who inspired me to be jobless & happy!

I don?t remember a day in my life when my future seemed so adventurous and exciting. Right from the age of 2 ? when I was put in my Jr KG Class, I hardly remember a day when my ?tomorrow? was unplanned. I had homework in schools, assignment in colleges, and unrealistic deadlines in offices. I always wanted to do things that which is in sync with the divine plan. Efforts become struggle if you try doing something that is against your purpose of life. And the people who have known their purposes in their lives have always lived a content life. Happiness never depends on the amount of money you have says Forbes , so I need not talk about it much.

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