How destiny works!

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In depth knowledge, innovative ideas, professional education and hard efforts - if you think these things will take you to the peak of success then probably you have missed to understood how good karma or human destiny works. Human success hardly depends on the aforesaid factors - it completely depends upon the good things you have done in your past lives ? and that is clearly visible in anybody?s horoscope.

Here are few real life incidents that made me believe that being a good student at school or a hardworker at corporate offices can never fetch you bonus points to be successful in life.

Srinivas, was a close friend of mine from my 3rd standard. He was average at curriculum, and was once badly beaten up by the teacher for being honest. Our exams were on, and our headmistress walked into our hall saying whoever has got some chits or copy material, come and drop here. She promised that she would not punish the students who honestly drop it. Srinivas took her words very seriously - he went and dropped the copy material he had brought with him with utmost confidence. And rest is history. He could not write his other exams due to swollen knuckles. Srinivas was the only student, who failed in our 10th grade. He passed out with average marks the next year, did his 12th, joined his degree course where he failed again. Enough was enough. He didn?t have enough energy to pursue his formal education. He borrowed Rs 20,000 from his father, and got a fake certificate from Bihar University. He bought a computer, studied Visual Basics himself, moved to Singapore and now he is happily settled in the US as a software professional - earning much more than any bugger who slogged his ass to score distinction in the 10th grade.

Bipin is a 6?2? tall Indian hunk, who joined 4 TOP coaching classes in Mumbai for 10th standard and could manage to pass out with 52 percent of marks. He moved to Orissa to do his 11th and 12th, and was blessed to face cricketer Debasis Mohanty in one of the cricket matches. They were college mates in Maharishi College, Orissa. Bipin could not pass his 12th, and hence moved to Mumbai to try his luck there. He got a Yamaha 350 CC bike, which used to give 16 kms/litre, and his lifestyle had become really interesting after he got his bike. He rested the whole day, could dress up like a Bollywood star, take his bike in the evening, and go for BIRD watching. And he did this for 4 years, and yet had to pass his 12th std. He joined hands with Srinivas, borrowed Rs 20,000 from his father, went to the same person who issued fake certificate, and passed out with distinction. Today he is on his own, has tied up with Mumbai?s top Hyundai showrooms, and makes at least a lakh per month.

These are few examples, which clearly say that your education, your career and the amount of money you would make are MOSTLY unrelated. And that it all depends on the ?Raj Yog? or luck for prosperity you are blessed with in your horoscope.

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