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When I was about to kill a child!

The year was 1998, and I got a call from my wife. She said she is pregnant, and I thought it is high time I got married to her. I was just 22, and my take home salary was 6,600. Most of my friends advised me not to get married so early in life, and that too when I didn?t have a permanent job. In Indian Express, Mumbai even the CEO was on contract.

Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa ? part 5 ?The meaning of 18 steps!?

I am reminded of a story where an old man was repairing a bridge after crossing the bridge himself. A young man, out of curiosity, asked him, ?why do you want to waste your time & energy repairing a bridge, when you yourself have crossed it?? And the old man replied, ?so that the future generation need not find it difficult to cross the bridge, as I found it to be.? Most people, am sure, don?t find my blogs on Lord Ayyappa interesting, but I am writing it for the lost seeker who will find it useful someday in their lives.

Astrology is a 2-way process!

Any process in this world is two ways. From what I understand from life - for any event to take place or materialize two different entities or two different energy bodies are required. Nothing can exist in vacuum. For instance for love/sex to take place a man & a woman become necessary, in colleges professors need students to impart the crap they have learnt, and in divinity saints need disciples whom they can guide. The first entity could be in a physical form & the second could just exist in a thought form. This rule is perfect for people who meditate a lot or masturbate a lot. For them the second entity remains in the thought in the form of God & Goddesses or bombs & divas respectively.

Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa – Part 4

My trip to Tiruvannamalai was a divine bliss. We met up with doctor for my kid, visited two churches, went to the Annamalai temple, meditated in Ramana ashram, and the highlight of my trip was the ‘old-age’ home, which I visited for the first time in life! I have lots to write but then thought let me finish those, which are pending.

Meanwhile I need to thank to have given me an opportunity to prove my potential as an astrologer. I am getting good number of orders from them, and to my surprise I am busier than my days at Sify! I also need to forward my sincere thanks to my astro-spiritual teacher & also the almighty to have blessed me with so much.

How will the year 2005 be for you?

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I am off to Tiruvannamalai!

Can astrologers predict for themselves? This is one question, which is put across to astrologers many a times. The answer, in my experience, is yes. Astrologers indeed can predict events for themselves just that they should stick to few religious disciplines, which are a must to remain in this divine profession.

Rahu Kalam?!

Recently there was a lot of hue and cry about why Kanchi Jayendra Saraswathi asked the court not to pass the verdict during Rahu Kalam. The media as usual found it funny, and the Indian skeptics found it funnier. So, what does Rahu Kalam mean? And what does it really imply? I am sure very few educated nuts took an attempt to understand what exactly it meant. It is easier to make fun at things you really don?t understand. It is similar to a situation where you are trying to make South African tribes to believe that you can communicate with a person in the US using a plastic device in your hand. Gods really must be crazy!

Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa part 3 ? Few more insights?.

I have always noticed that whenever I have gone on abstinence for Lord Ayyappa, my astrological skills have increased. It feels great when people call up to say that my predictions have come true in their cases. It so happened that one of my clients, for whom I had given a prediction some 3 months back about a lift in his job in the month of November 2004, started behaving funny. He kept calling me every 2 days to tell me that my predictions have not come true so far, as if it was me who had written his fate. Moreover he didn?t have the patience to wait till November end. The only thing I can do was to cut him off by returning the fees he had given me. That way I was assured that I haven?t fooled him in any sense.

The modern man has changed with time. In the process to cope with the fast changing world � he has changed his outlook, his eating habits, his values, and also his preferences and priorities about life. The only thing he has not changed is the way he still portrays the almighty. Even in this IT ruled era he worships the same good old Indian Gods and Goddesses. Thankfully he hasn�t made Lord Shiva wear a Raymond suit and a Rebok shoes, and also hasn�t made Goddess Lakshmi dress like Urmila Mathonkar.

Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa ? Part 1!

By God?s grace this is the 3rd time I have been blessed with an opportunity to be on abstinence for Lord Ayyappa, who resides in the holy mountains of Sabarimala, Kerala. With my meager knowledge about religion and my amateur insight into spirituality, I take this opportunity to let you guys know what exactly I came to know about the whole process, and why this abstinence is needed at the first place.

Jayendra Saraswathi’s arrest – part of spiritual process!

Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Sarawati’s arrest on 11th November indeed is a feast for the skeptic media to prey upon for some new sensationalism. The 4th estate, which otherwise is busy infusing us with news about 500 and odd culprits sitting inside the parliament, has got some worthwhile news that can shake people’s trust and belief in religion and religious pursuits. The charge against the seer is that he had "played a significant" role in the murder of Sankararaman, Manager of Varadharaja Perumal Temple at Kancheepuram. I somehow wonder at the seer’s dumbness to have asked people to kill him in the temple premises, and leave enough evidences for the police to get him arrested! Any person with average IQ, before planning a murder would think about escaping from the crime, and the same not being followed by the enlightened soul is highly debatable.

Even ‘nonsense’ has a divine reason!

After 7 months of blogging, 156 articles, 9000 page views, 30 clients and close to 75 comments - I feel like Mullah Nasruddin! I am reminded of the story where Mullah Nasruddin and his son were going to the market to sell their ass – I mean donkey.

Wish you a safe and happy Diwali!

The festival of light is on and ASKENNI wishes one and all a very
?Happy, prosperous and safe Diwali?!

Should astrologers get into soothe saying?

Agreed that most people approach an astrologer in their bad times or when they are undergoing a tough patch. It is acceptable that they always expect to hear some positive news and get some hope about a better tomorrow from the astrologer, but then Indian astrology is not just about soothe saying – it is about predicting FUTURE events. For instance if a doctor is completely sure that the patient is going to die, it becomes his duty to tell the patient or his/her relative about the same. Giving false hopes when he knows the final result isn’t accepted in any profession.

Begging ? not an easy profession!

I was told that in one of the books written by Mark Tulley (BBC correspondent from India), he had mentioned about an incident that shook his perception about HAPPINESS. He saw few sanyasi beggars on the streets of Varanasi having an uproarious laughter, which he misses to see even in the highly paid Corporates of New York! He could not decipher the reason for their laughter ? when they knew they had no bank balance, they had no investments, and they even didn?t know what was in store for them the next day!

The ?no-nonsense? way to lose weight!

Statistics say 70 per cent of the Americans suffer from obesity and 70 per cent of the people in Somalia die of starvation. That is how WE the people have disbursed the natural resource. We bother more about our country borders than human lives. Now that is not what I wanted to blog about today. It is about how programs of ?losing weight? are catching with the younger CORPORATE generation, and how they successfully fail in losing that extra pound.

Google Ads on

Hi Friends,

At last I managed to pull in google ads into my site. I was just getting a bit greedy. Kiruba said he is already making money through google ads, and Rajan said he has made $1 so far, hence thought I would also try my luck. Thankfully, this time I didn’t take anybody’s help in managing the codes to be pasted in the HTML page. If you need any help in how to incorporate google ads into your site, you can always buzz me! I would love to share the process with you. Meanwhile DON’T forget to click on few ad links - I can at least make some money to keep my site up and alive!

Yours truly,
G. Kennedi
Your Personal Astrologer

What?s in store for YOU?

The infamous Shani Transit took place on September 6, 2004, and it already would have brought a lot of changes in individual lives ? pertaining to job/work, marriage/relationship, place of residence and investments. For those, who haven?t seen any change so far ? here is a prediction for you!

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