Rahu Kalam?!

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Recently there was a lot of hue and cry about why Kanchi Jayendra Saraswathi asked the court not to pass the verdict during Rahu Kalam. The media as usual found it funny, and the Indian skeptics found it funnier. So, what does Rahu Kalam mean? And what does it really imply? I am sure very few educated nuts took an attempt to understand what exactly it meant. It is easier to make fun at things you really don?t understand. It is similar to a situation where you are trying to make South African tribes to believe that you can communicate with a person in the US using a plastic device in your hand. Gods really must be crazy!

It has become a fashion to put down everything that are ancient or at least sounds to be ancient. I myself have few clients who refuse to give me testimonials about the right predictions I made for them. The only reason being they don?t want their names in the list of believers ? they feel it very humiliating. It so happened that I met one of my sister?s friends once, who was kind of making fun about astrology. I told him to give me his chart (horoscope) and I will let him know with how many women he had affairs with and during which period. He was a bit taken aback and changed the topic of discussion. To get the real taste of astrology the only thing you can do is take your birth details to a good astrologer see for yourself if it really works. And you will find that it definitely works!

So coming back to Rahu Kalam?.according to Indian astrology there are 9 planets - Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu. Scientifically Sun & Moon are not planets, but still are considered to be one. Rahu & Ketu are umbra & penumbra regions of the cosmos.

Different planets rule a day at different time. Majorly a day is split into three different periods ? Rahu Kalam, Yema Gandam & Kulika Kalam. Rahu Kalam & Yema Gandam are considered bad, while Kulika is considered ok. This period fall on different time on different days, and any event carried out in that period is considered to be inauspicious. So what is the scientific reasoning behind it? I would simply say that science has not yet developed enough to prove this divine things Indians have discovered few centuries back just by gazing at the open sky!

Every individual has a right to post his views, and that exactly is what the seer has done. When a CM, who cannot bring the slightest change in an individual?s life, can refuse to come to the court saying she is busy at the office, why shouldn?t a religious leader, who is responsible for bringing drastic changes in human lives, say that let his judgement not be passed during the time, which he finds inauspicious? (The CM I am talking about is J Jayalalithaa, who herself changed her name based on numerology, demolished the age-old statue of Kannagi on Marina Beach on astrologer?s advice, and also donated an elephant to a Kerala temple, keeping her enemy (M Karunanidhi) behind bars ? also on astrologer?s advice!)

M Karunanidhi, DMK chief, feels he has given the best of statements? ?people go to the Ganges to get purified what if the Ganges itself gets corrupt?. Look who is talking about purification - a person who has 3 wives living in 3 different houses, and who continues to live with them on different days of a week.

I think Indians are the only genre in the world to get sadistic pleasure by putting their own treasures down. We spend more money in investing in dangerously low jeans than donating few bucks for temples & religious services. We indeed need to grow up and start accepting what our ancestors have left behind for us. And remember life doesn?t stop at IT!

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