Should astrologers get into soothe saying?

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Agreed that most people approach an astrologer in their bad times or when they are undergoing a tough patch. It is acceptable that they always expect to hear some positive news and get some hope about a better tomorrow from the astrologer, but then Indian astrology is not just about soothe saying – it is about predicting FUTURE events. For instance if a doctor is completely sure that the patient is going to die, it becomes his duty to tell the patient or his/her relative about the same. Giving false hopes when he knows the final result isn’t accepted in any profession.

I 100 percent agree that destiny can be changed and that is what the divine science astrology also says, but it cannot be changed by human efforts. It depends upon how much blessing God has to shower on you. And most of the time we don’t understand what is God’s blessing, and what is not.

A millionaire thinks God didn’t bless him with children, a happily married person thinks God has not blessed him with a good job, a healthy person thinks he has not been blessed with a beautiful wife, and a old man thinks God refused to bless him with good health. We usually take things for granted or I should say God for granted. We never thank Him once for whatever we have been provided with rather we go on aspiring for more and more everyday…

I read this story somewhere, would love to share it with you guys….

A 1 ½-year-old kid saw a scorpion on the TV. The child found the reptile very interesting and started praying to God that it wants it to play with. After 7 days of prayers, God could not resist giving His blessing to the kid, hence sent a live scorpion into the house. God has created everyone with special characteristics, which never change – and stinging is scorpions character. Seeing the scorpion moving towards the kid, the mother of the kid at once smashed it to death. The kid started hating the mom just because she restricted the stuff it wanted to play with.

Just like in the story, MOST of the times we don’t understand what we are praying for until we look back at own lives. Life seems so perfectly fit, good and bad are just human perceptions, and that God always wanted to bless us with the best He can afford.

In my experience as an astrologer, I have met few people who have started hating me for telling the truth about their future. They usually get into debates, and take it as a challenge that THEY WILL WIN OVER DESTINY. But then there is no point in challenging an astrologer – what an astrologer knows is only a technique and what he does is a plain reporting job. Rest everything is governed by who else but the Almighty!

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