Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa 2 � External Changes & Scientific Implications

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The modern man has changed with time. In the process to cope with the fast changing world � he has changed his outlook, his eating habits, his values, and also his preferences and priorities about life. The only thing he has not changed is the way he still portrays the almighty. Even in this IT ruled era he worships the same good old Indian Gods and Goddesses. Thankfully he hasn�t made Lord Shiva wear a Raymond suit and a Rebok shoes, and also hasn�t made Goddess Lakshmi dress like Urmila Mathonkar.

There is of course a change in the way people compromise on the rules mentioned in scriptures just to suit their own whims and fancies. We always have a logical reason behind why we had to compromise � it could be the kind of job we do, the kind of people we meet, and the circumstances we are subjected to in our everyday life. Today, you hardly can see a person who sticks honestly to all the rules mentioned for being on abstinence for Lord Ayyappa.

They wear Color Plus trowsers, Van Heusan�s shirt, Nike shoes, and hide the mala under their collar. If asked, if that is ok, they say that inner honesty is more important than outer drama - as if the saints who formulated those guidelines were fools.

The whole process of visiting Sabarimala has become a yearly comedy, and I have even come across incidences of people boozing during the abstinence. The truth is that there is no hard and fast rule that you should visit the holy shrine. But if you are interested TRY sticking to MOST of the disciplines, because there are reasons we hardly could come to know.

Why should a disciple stick to black attire?

This is for uniformity. Most enlightened people have stretched on the point that there is ONLY one God and that everyone is equal in his eyes (then why women are not allowed into the shrine, will answer that later). Uniformity also brings in integrity and respect for fellow human being. It is ultimately love and harmony among human beings, which will lead to a peaceful world.

Why tie waisty?

Waisty is a piece of cloth tied under the naval, which doesn�t need any button or zipper for support. The pants we normally wear come till our naval or above that. Supporting pants at that position changes our breathing pattern. Most modern man breaths through his lungs while he ideally is expected to breath through his stomach. Notice any new born baby, you can very well see its stomach coming out and going in, and not its chest region. Wearing waisty helps us breath in the right way.

Why have a towel/napkin?

Apart from waisty, Ayyappan bhakta always carry a towel with him. This towel is tied under his naval while visiting temples or while doing prayers. The towel is tied tightly so that it triggers the sex chakra and allows the energy to flow upwards.

Why chant Swamiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Saranam Ayyappa?

I am not sure how many of you have seen Saranams being chanted. There is a unique way it is done. While saying the first word there is a long pitch that is taken followed by �saranam ayyappa.� This long pitch is taken till the stomach and lungs become empty of air, and saranam ayyapa is chanted when there is no air in the body. This technique is similar to the catharsis meditation technique formulated by Osho Rajneesh. It hits directly on the sex center and allows the energy to move upwards. Moving of energy from Muladhara (sex center) to Sahasrar (head) is the final achievement in any mediation, yoga or religious procedures.

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