Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa part 3 ? Few more insights?.

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I have always noticed that whenever I have gone on abstinence for Lord Ayyappa, my astrological skills have increased. It feels great when people call up to say that my predictions have come true in their cases. It so happened that one of my clients, for whom I had given a prediction some 3 months back about a lift in his job in the month of November 2004, started behaving funny. He kept calling me every 2 days to tell me that my predictions have not come true so far, as if it was me who had written his fate. Moreover he didn?t have the patience to wait till November end. The only thing I can do was to cut him off by returning the fees he had given me. That way I was assured that I haven?t fooled him in any sense.

He was a bit taken aback when I gave his money back, but then that was the only option left for me. I told him to keep the money. If my prediction comes true, then come back in November, and if not then find some other astrologer. There were no calls from him for 1 month, and just today morning he called me up to say that he has been given a promotion and also a decent salary hike ? and it is still November 18. He wants to meet me in person now. Thank god my prediction came true.

Here is the continuation of my previous blog about why we follow certain disciplines before going to the holy shrine of Lord Ayyappa?

Why sleep on the floor?

To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the process of losing weight, people have started jogging on metal roads, and cement roads without knowing its ill effects. The velocity with which the force bounces back while running on tar roads is much higher than the velocity that is thrown back when running on mud ground or a lawn. This leads to knee pain, and spinal chord pain during old age. The same force is good if you aren?t applying any effort from your end, hence sitting or sleeping on floor makes your body relaxed and gives you good sleep, and also absorbs body pain.

No wonder, if you notice the people who sleep in the pavement - they tend to have a more fulfilling sleep than one who invests a fortune in a bed and takes sleeping pills for getting rest.

Why be barefooted?

Reflexology is a modern natural healing art based on principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands, which correspond to every part of the body. Massaging the corresponding points in the feet can cure most of our health problems ? both related external and internal organs.

Being barefoot during abstinence helps these points to get subjected to stones, which in turn triggers the nerve endings of various body organs helping us to cleanse our body from diseases. Also being barefoot helps in getting your feet accustomed to the pain, which will be part of the 2-day walk through the forest of Sabarimala.

Why apply vibhuti and chandan?

Tremendous amount of heat is generated inside the body when an attempt is taken to control human senses. Moreover, controlling sex can increase the energy level and vitality of body organs. To keep this heat under control, the holy ash ? ?vibhuti? mixed with water is applied at important nodes of the body from where heat is released. Forehead happens to be most important node. That is one of the reasons that when a person is suffering from fever, his forehead is the first to get heated up.

Chandan ? when energy starts moving upwards, the 3rd eye gets activated. (Third eye is an energy point just in the center of your eyebrows). Sudden increase in energy, and its movement upwards can make a person go insane, hence chandan ? a cooling agent is applied on the 3rd eye to balance the energy.

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