Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa – Part 4

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My trip to Tiruvannamalai was a divine bliss. We met up with doctor for my kid, visited two churches, went to the Annamalai temple, meditated in Ramana ashram, and the highlight of my trip was the ‘old-age’ home, which I visited for the first time in life! I have lots to write but then thought let me finish those, which are pending.

Meanwhile I need to thank astroyogi.com to have given me an opportunity to prove my potential as an astrologer. I am getting good number of orders from them, and to my surprise I am busier than my days at Sify! I also need to forward my sincere thanks to my astro-spiritual teacher & also the almighty to have blessed me with so much.

Here goes the answer for few whys about the abstinence for Lord Ayyappa….

Why avoid public functions, when on abstinence?

When you control your senses and start meditating a lot your energy level in your body is bound to increase and you start moving towards a higher level of consciousness. In a public place, you are destined to meet up with people with varied energy levels - few happy (high) & few depressed (low). The energy flows from higher realm to the lower realm hence you would have noticed that after a stage performance - after giving a speech or a dance performance, you feel utterly tired. This is because the energy has moved from you to others. While on abstinence, you are supposed to have this energy you generate in your body for the Kundalini to get activated. Hence people are advised not to attend public functions during abstinence. This is one of the reasons why most saints avoid meeting people.

Why pray 2 times a day?

When you get up in the morning you pray to tune your energy for the day. You program it so that you don’t get angry or upset over events, and remember that everything happens according to the will of God.

Muslims are the best people when it comes to prayers. They pray 5 times a day, which keeps them conscious about God through out the day.

You collect a lot of psychological garbage in a day, which pollutes your mind. Any thought which disturbs your focus on God is considered garbage and is bound to keep your mind busy. Prayers before going to bed helps you to retune your energy, and get rid of all that garbage your collected.

Why stick to 48 days vrath?

The 48-days abstinence is called one mandala. You can inculcate a new habit or get rid of a bad habit in this period. Mind tends to get conditioned to new set of things in 48 days. Hence, even if you want to start going to a gym everyday first stick to this 48 days schedule and you surely will become regular at gyms. Note – if you miss a single day in between the next day becomes the first day!

Why avoid all that is man made?

List out the problems you have in your life, and most of them would be man made. You get upset because your computer conked, you get irritated because your mobile fell down, you feel yuck when your mail box is spammed, you aren’t happy with your car because new cars roll out everyday, and finally you aren’t happy with your job because you aren’t paid enough MONEY!

Abstinence expects you to avoid all material things and become as natural as possible. That is what Osho kept saying that, people are born enlightened but then we are conditioned to not remain that way.

In my knowledge Mahavira was the purest of saints, who never wore anything, and also who didn’t use scissors to cut his hair. He used to pull it out!

Article to follow –

The meaning of 18 steps of Sabarimalai!

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