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I will take a small break!

Oops! The server space we had bought to host the site has got over! May be I wrote too many things, and God wants me to shut my mouth for a while now. I will be taking a short break from writing blogs i.e., till we fix the issue of server space. You need not come to my site & get disappointed. Just post your mail ID in my comment link seen below and I will send you a mail when I am back into action.

Meanwhile yesterday’s blog 'Left for the day?' took you to a blank page
Click on the link provided, if at all you are interested to read :D.

Thanks for your love, hatred & support. Seeya soon!

G. Kennedi

Left for the day?

My father was always keen on giving us decent basic education. For him there was no difference between an Ooty convent & a Corporation school. He always believed that end of the day it depended on the student what he learns & what he ignores. I realized this truth very late in my life, till then I always saw students of Don Bosco schools with aweeee!

Crack the GMI syndrome!

I hate my irregularity in updating my blogs, and am sure my readers? hate the same too :P. Not that I am busy nowadays, it is just that I am shuffling between two careers. One as a professional astrologer & second as a consultant to my sister?s Data Conversion Unit. And for the first time in life I feel 24 hours are indeed less in a day?there is so much to do and there is so little time. I have been blogging about ?How to save your marriage, and this particular blog is the 3rd in the series? The inputs are out of my own experiences out of my marriage, which will surely help the ones who are already married & warn who haven?t taken the suicidal plunge as yet!

How to save your marriage – 1st problem

Any marital relationship is like a blissful fable in the first 3 months of marriage. Once the honeymooning is over and once individuals have explored their bodies & mind enough - it is time to face the reality. Looks doesn’t attract anymore, neither the personality. You start hating few things you had initially loved in that person.

How to save your marriage – Part 1

There are few misconceptions regarding marriage in many minds. Few think that marriage is a bed of roses, and expect that events that would take place after marriage are going to be as pleasant as a fairy tale. Most movies end with a happy note where the Hero meets the Heroine, they hug, and the screen says They Lived Happily Forever! May be they don’t want to let us know how film stars’ marriages stink off screen.

Can astrology be sold like hot pizzas?!

Astrology portals are on a new frenzy - giving out special discounts on customized predictions. Yearly prediction costs Rs 1200 & if buy now it is just Rs 900! So hurry! Limited stocks! It is like a heart specialist putting up a board outside his dispensary ? if you get yourself checked & operated before December 2004 it is Rs 500 or else I will charge you Rs 2000! Of course these kinds of management rules works perfectly with FMCG products like soaps, face creams, & powders. But astrology isn?t a product like fair & lovely, it is a divine service & selling them like hot pizzas accounts to mere confusion.

December 6 ? a day to be forgotten!

It is December 6th, and it brings to our memory the sick incident that was carried out by few uneducated & illiterates under the influence of few fundamentalists making the whole countrymen hang their heads in shame & disgust in front of the world! The plank of Hindutva made them win the elections too, and Vajpayee even completed his 5-year tenure. Was the temple build in his reign? No. May be Advani will use the same plank for the next election to come back to power!

Do your homework before you attend an interview!

It is an old story but it is based on a real life incident ? the main cast being none other than ME! The period was 1999, and there was a boom in the Dot Com industry. I was getting bored doing the same mundane job at, and was searching for a new job desperately. The erstwhile Chip Magazine was getting into their web edition and they were seeking a content manager who could manage their portal.

It was ?AIDS? Day yesterday. So?

I somehow don?t understand why these kind of dumb special days are celebrated. Valentine?s day is a day to express your love hence we get gifts for our near and dear ones, Mother?s day - ok we thank out mother for her love, Father?s day ? accepted we thank our dads for the support. And now ?Aids? Day? What are we supposed to do on this particular day? Have wild sex? Or get in touch with any of our schoolmates, who is suffering from Aids & give him an Archies card? Or go to the nearest AIDS center and tell them that they are going to die soon? Or sit at home and Thank God that the lady we had sex last time wasn?t having AIDS!

Life without the Internet!

By God?s grace since the very first day at my job I have been blessed with 24-hour Internet connection. Since 1997 it has never happened that I was disconnected from the net without my own choice. Last 3 days have been really difficult, as my sister?s connection (She uses Iqara ? a new broadband connection, and I strongly suggest please DON?T go for it. The customer service sucks. They are new and it shows) got over and I had to do a lot of running around from home to Reliance cyber caf頡nd back, carrying my work on a floppy. Take my word Reliance Web World is an amazing place to surf, the speed is great, and the service is superb. Don?t miss to read the dos and don?ts list, which they have displayed there.

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