Can astrology be sold like hot pizzas?!

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Astrology portals are on a new frenzy - giving out special discounts on customized predictions. Yearly prediction costs Rs 1200 & if buy now it is just Rs 900! So hurry! Limited stocks! It is like a heart specialist putting up a board outside his dispensary ? if you get yourself checked & operated before December 2004 it is Rs 500 or else I will charge you Rs 2000! Of course these kinds of management rules works perfectly with FMCG products like soaps, face creams, & powders. But astrology isn?t a product like fair & lovely, it is a divine service & selling them like hot pizzas accounts to mere confusion.

B V Raman, the father of Indian astrology, had written beautifully that a millionaire won?t mind spending lakhs in putting a ?shamiana? for his daughter?s wedding, but would surely refrain from paying 100 rupees extra to the astrologer who did the final marriage match making. That has always been the plight of astrologers, at least in India. The guidance, the help & the prediction given by an astrologer cannot be compensated by money alone.

Also in any society, there are bound to be equal number of believers, skeptics, believers who have become skeptics and skeptics who will become believers. Astrology isn?t for non-believers, and the best is to keep them away from it. Astrology works perfect with people who believe in divinity. It is a two-way process. Giving special discounts will only attract skeptics who want to give it a shot for the first time. For these kinds of people astrologers won?t be able to predict perfectly, hence they will never come back. And for believers these kinds of special discounts only irritate them. End of the day no purpose is solved.

If the astrologer is good & his predictions are 90 per cent accurate people will even travel miles together to consult him. And if he is not good, he won?t be consulted even he stays in your neighborhood.

Of course the prices of astrological services are quite high on the internet. Not that the whole money goes to the astrologer. In fact majority of the amount is put in maintaining the sites, servers & paying up the people who run the websites.

Astrologers are simple human beings and they do get greedy for money at times. Customized readings need a lot of manual interpretations and for this an astrologer would need a lot of psychic energy. Ideally an astrologer can do only 10 horoscopes per day, and anything beyond that is out of question. And also this is one profession where you cannot have assistance or MBA graduates working under you. You run the show yourself.

Try not to go for astrological products based on the price factor but go by the astrologer?s caliber. And if you trust 100 per cent in God even a fake astrologer would predict perfectly for you.

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