Crack the GMI syndrome!

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I hate my irregularity in updating my blogs, and am sure my readers? hate the same too :P. Not that I am busy nowadays, it is just that I am shuffling between two careers. One as a professional astrologer & second as a consultant to my sister?s Data Conversion Unit. And for the first time in life I feel 24 hours are indeed less in a day?there is so much to do and there is so little time. I have been blogging about ?How to save your marriage, and this particular blog is the 3rd in the series? The inputs are out of my own experiences out of my marriage, which will surely help the ones who are already married & warn who haven?t taken the suicidal plunge as yet!

Osho in one of his discourses spoke about how dogs are the best in dealing with situations diplomatically. When a stranger comes to your house, the dog will bark as well as wag its tail. It barks to show the owner that it is carrying out its duty properly & wags his tail to show sign of acceptance ?IF? the stranger happens to its owner?s friend. Both ways dog benefits from the situation & succeeds in being a good pet. I am not saying that married men are dogs. But men of course have to learn this trick of diplomacy from dogs.

Women are not that bad as most men perceive them. There are exceptions too. And if you are able to crack the GMI syndrome of any woman ? YOU surely CAN WIN.

Now what?s this GMI syndrome? It is ?Give Me Importance.? Unlike men, the confidence level of women to a very large extent depends upon lots of external factors - how others see them, how others perceive them, and how much importance people give them for their existence & their decisions. Hence a girl at her prime (17 ? 25) has more confidence than a woman who is at her 40 or 45. Men remain the same through out their lives ? they keep poking their nose, scratching their scrotum, and farting all around without giving a damn to the people who notice them.

You need to practice Zen philosophy of detachment in dealing with your wives. To practice this you need to do a lot of self talking & game planning. For instance you need to send some money for your mother on Diwali, and you don?t know how your wife will react.

There are many ways you can do this.

1) You send the money and hide it completely from your wife, but then be ready to face the music if you mom calls you on your land line acknowledging the receipt of the money.
2) You tell your wife that you are going to send the money no matter what may come. In this case you need not buy crackers for Diwali at all. There will be enough bursting in the house itself.
3) The third one is by winning over GMI syndrome. Tell your wife that you are not going to send anything to your mom this diwali. She will surely ask you why. Tell her that you don?t have enough money & you don?t feel the necessity. Your wife will surely come to you with some money, move her hand on your hair, give a pat on your back & ask you send some money to your mom.

And you have already won the game! Use the same funda if you want to call up your ex-girl friend, or want to have a beer with your old friend or want to watch a movie alone. Give her some importance, and let her decide what you want her to decide. It works perfectly!

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