December 6 ? a day to be forgotten!

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It is December 6th, and it brings to our memory the sick incident that was carried out by few uneducated & illiterates under the influence of few fundamentalists making the whole countrymen hang their heads in shame & disgust in front of the world! The plank of Hindutva made them win the elections too, and Vajpayee even completed his 5-year tenure. Was the temple build in his reign? No. May be Advani will use the same plank for the next election to come back to power!

I read a beautiful letter that was sent to the Hindu (newspaper) once, and surprisingly it was published too. It said, ?few vegetarians of India, who hold on to powers, don?t have any rights to decide what the rest of the Indians should eat.? Agreed that the cow is holy (for few), but then what about chicken, goats, fish & pork? They are unholy? May be they were created when God was asleep.

If cow is sacred and it has been described in the scriptures that way, then even rats & rodents have a special place. They happen to be Lord Ganesha vahana. Then why does the government invest in crores on pesticides to kill them? And why does the municipality give you 25 paise per dead rat? Start considering rats also holy and stop killing them. 1 family, 1 child & 1 rat should be government?s next 5 year plan.

King Babar demolished a temple 400 years back and built a mosque there. May be it is true. But then the same Babaric I mean barbaric act need not be repeated now. Whether the mosque was used for prayers or not, whether muslims visited the place or not is none of our business. It was there & it should be there.

There are few who say, forget about religion. Build a hospital there. Why? In that case demolish all the sacred places of India and construct hospitals there.

Religion is a very personal search for Truth, and none has the right to disturb it. The destination is the same, but the ways of reaching Him is different. It is like people flying to Mumbai start killing people who travel to Mumbai by train, just because the path they chose is different. What difference does it make? Choosing a path to the divine is an individual decision. And no political party has any right on it.

If we have demolished the mosque, we are indebted to rebuild a mosque there & soothe the injuries we have inflicted on them. Let?s talk about Ram later! I am sure he won?t mind.

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