Do your homework before you attend an interview!

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It is an old story but it is based on a real life incident ? the main cast being none other than ME! The period was 1999, and there was a boom in the Dot Com industry. I was getting bored doing the same mundane job at, and was searching for a new job desperately. The erstwhile Chip Magazine was getting into their web edition and they were seeking a content manager who could manage their portal.

I had applied for the job by mail, and I got a reply. Their channel head, I forgot his name but never could forget his form, asked me to meet him the next day. I was never a good job hopper, since I always hated to attend interviews. What I hate the most is to reply to questions like ?

Tell us something about yourself ? I am not sure what would they reply if someone said they get attracted to same sex people!

Why do you want to change your job? - Because I have a wonderful relationship with my boss, I am getting more than expected pay hikes and dumb people are never made managers. But still I want to change because I am like that only.

I reached the Chip office on time, and met the person who wanted to meet me. He was 6 feet, huge, similar to the one who steals Dinosaurs DNA in Jurassic Park 1 ? but he was his darker version. He took me into a cabin - from what I saw was, they were busy setting up their new office.

He offered me a chair, he sat opposite to me ? and in a very low voice started talking about their plans, their ideas, and what their company is up to. I hardly could hear him. I was just assuming most of the things he was saying ?anyways these introductions were not going to help me much. I was waiting for him to come to the point or rather allow me to talk. After nearly 10 minutes he stopped and suddenly he asked me on top of his voice, ?now Kennedi tell me. Why Jasubhai??
I was taken by surprise and I immediately asked him, ?who is Jasubhai??

There was pin drop silence for a moment. He wasn?t sure what to do, neither I was. I didn?t know what went wrong I was still thinking why was he asking me about some Jasubhai? I was started to doubt myself now - did he talk about that person when I could not hear him? Then after a couple of minutes he said ? Jasubhai is the name of our publication and Chip magazine is one of its publications! I said fine. The interview was over, and thankfully as expected I never got a job there.

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