How to save your marriage – Part 1

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There are few misconceptions regarding marriage in many minds. Few think that marriage is a bed of roses, and expect that events that would take place after marriage are going to be as pleasant as a fairy tale. Most movies end with a happy note where the Hero meets the Heroine, they hug, and the screen says They Lived Happily Forever! May be they don’t want to let us know how film stars’ marriages stink off screen.

There is a western concept called the concept of soul mates. Where in they believe that marriage is meeting of 2 equal halves coming together to become one perfect circle – wish life was so easy. I am not sure about soul mates, but am sure hole mates surely exist.

Marriages are destined, and you cannot do a thing to change it. You are born with the prescribed fate about whom you are going to get married, when you will be getting married, and whether it is going to be a love marriage or an arranged one. Personal preference doesn’t have any hold on it.

Marriage is not just tying of knots or sleeping together for a period of time. It is about deciding to live together in good & bad times, and also to learn our soul lessons through each other. Hence marriages are considered divine, and in most cases it is carried out in divine places like churches & temples.

Opposite poles attract & similar poles repel. Men & women are two different poles of energy, and through marriage they come together. I don’t agree in equality of gender. They cannot be equal as their purposes are different & also their priorities are different.

Expecting eternal love & harmony when 2 opposite poles come together is mere nonsense. Misunderstandings, conflicts of interest, and ego issues are bound to be there in any marital relationship. Now the level of happiness depends on the intensity of differences. Marriages go for a toss if there is unequal ratio of happiness & grief.

In my knowledge, there is not a single couple who had not talked about permanent separation in their lives at least 100 times. Still they continue to live together as it is sometimes refreshing after you had a good fight with your partner. None other in the world can tolerate so much of shit from you except your partner. They become psychological pillow for each other.

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