It was ?AIDS? Day yesterday. So?

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I somehow don?t understand why these kind of dumb special days are celebrated. Valentine?s day is a day to express your love hence we get gifts for our near and dear ones, Mother?s day - ok we thank out mother for her love, Father?s day ? accepted we thank our dads for the support. And now ?Aids? Day? What are we supposed to do on this particular day? Have wild sex? Or get in touch with any of our schoolmates, who is suffering from Aids & give him an Archies card? Or go to the nearest AIDS center and tell them that they are going to die soon? Or sit at home and Thank God that the lady we had sex last time wasn?t having AIDS!

Agreed that this kind of days are remembered to create awareness among people. But what kind of awareness could it create? What are we trying to convey to the people?

Don?t have multiple partners? It won?t happen till man & woman exist together.

Use a condom? Most sexual activities are mere accidents in India, and I am sure there is no roadside store to buy a pack of Moods when biological need overtakes civilization.

Don?t go to the prostitutes? If rich go to Singapore & Thailand where should the poor go?

Control your sexual urge? Even Maharishi Vishwamitra could not do that, and we expect poor lorry drivers to control his basic urge!

There are lot of social workers who love to sympathize for anything and everything. Looking at AIDS stricken person they feel he is going to die soon, as if the rest are permanent members here. Who knows, the person who sympathizes could die in a road accident much before the AIDS patient has even started showing symptoms.

Death is the funniest event, and you never know when it will strike you. It so happened that my Grandfather?s brother-in-law was suffering from spinal chord cancer. The doctors said he could die anytime. My grandpa didn?t have enough money for the expenses he might incur during the funeral. To remain on the safer side, my grandpa took some money from my mother and kept it ready. He kept waiting for him to die. 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years ? and his brother-in-law was not dying at all. One day it was quite stuffy, and my grandpa stood up on the cot to adjust the mosquito net. He fell from there, hit badly on his spinal chord and died in a year. His brother in law died 10 years later!

From the money used on creating plain AIDS awareness, which doesn?t bring any major change on the people?s attitude, few scientists can be recruited to find a vaccine for the same. Or an alternate lifestyle for AIDS patients can be created so that they continue to have fulfilling sex with similar people, without spreading the disease to the innocents and also without feeling dejected or isolated from the society.

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