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My father was always keen on giving us decent basic education. For him there was no difference between an Ooty convent & a Corporation school. He always believed that end of the day it depended on the student what he learns & what he ignores. I realized this truth very late in my life, till then I always saw students of Don Bosco schools with aweeee!

I studied in an average school (S H Johndhale Vidya Mandir, Dombivli, suburbs of Mumbai), which had 3 mediums of instruction � English, Marathi & Gujrathi. Thankfully I studied in the English medium.

None in the classroom till we completed our 10th standard ever spoke in English. They either spoke in Mumbaiya Hindi or Marathi. And honestly none had any problems relating to each other. We hardly could frame a single sentence when it came to spoken English. Yes, No, I don�t know where few things we can converse to our teachers, who took home salaries just by reading out text books in classroom. I am not blaming them for it. I had learnt that they were paid Rs 500 as monthly salary, and were asked to sign for Rs 1000!

My English was bad, and I still think it is. I completed my degree & post graduation in Coimbatore (PSG Arts College) where I picked up the language to some extent. I need to thank two important people � Nandita & Chandru � to have helped me in improving my English. Nandita was a gold medalist in English Literature from Calicut University (1995), and Chandru was my college mate. Thankfully Nandita understood Hindi but could not talk back. I kept speaking to her in Hindi as she could not understand Tamil, and she used to reply in English while her mother tongue was Malayalam, and I could not understand Malayalam!

We were a group � Nandita would speak in English to Chandru & me, I would speak in Tamil to Chandru, Chandru will speak to Nandita in English, and I would speak in Hindi to Nandita. The irony was all of us understood what each one was telling, and we spent 2 years together.
(Chandru is with �Headlines Today� as a journalist in Delhi, you might see his name as S Chandrasekhar being flashed)

It was when I was hunting for a job in Mumbai. In the morning I met Behram Contractor (editor of Afternoon � courier & dispatch � a tabloid of Mumbai) and gave him my resume. He was kind enough to accept it and asked me to come back in evening around 4 pm with 2 news stories. I said fine. I bought few fullscapes, and a pen, and under the scorching sun I sat in Marine Drive (above the parapet) and was thinking about what to write. The sea waves were wild, spraying me with water droplets once in a while. I completed writing the piece, had my lunch and it was already 4 pm.

I reached the Afternoon building on time, and told the security guy that I wanted to meet Behram Contracter. He said, �he has left for the day.� I told him that he had called me at 4. He reiterated that he has left for the day. I asked him, �will he be back in the evening?� He got a bit furious and said left for the day means he will come back only tomorrow morning. Till then I never knew what �left for the day� meant!

I am leaving for the day now till then Happy Blogging!

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