Life without the Internet!

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By God?s grace since the very first day at my job I have been blessed with 24-hour Internet connection. Since 1997 it has never happened that I was disconnected from the net without my own choice. Last 3 days have been really difficult, as my sister?s connection (She uses Iqara ? a new broadband connection, and I strongly suggest please DON?T go for it. The customer service sucks. They are new and it shows) got over and I had to do a lot of running around from home to Reliance cyber caf頡nd back, carrying my work on a floppy. Take my word Reliance Web World is an amazing place to surf, the speed is great, and the service is superb. Don?t miss to read the dos and don?ts list, which they have displayed there.

I feel handicapped for not coming online on Yahoo Messenger, and also feel damn isolated without chatting to my 50 odd friends everyday. I strongly feel I have lost my identity without uploading my blog for the past 3 days!

Internet I think is a new addiction for the modern crowd and the real sanyas for anyone would be getting off completely from it. Pray for me that I should be connected very soon!

Till Then Happy Blogging!

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