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The day I wanted India to lose & astrology to win!

Handling the astrology portal was easier than the sceptics who were part of the company. Not that they never believed in astrology just that they never wanted to be seen or accepted as a believer. They presume that being a Marketing Manager or a Vice President of a big Corporate needs more of confidence & attitude than divine help. Ego hurts when a roadside astrologer predicts a promotion for you in a particular month because Saturn transits your 10th house, when you seem to nurse an illusionary thought that it was your hard effort, unique selling ideas & original marketing skills that got you the lift!

How to know what your ‘goal’ is!

One of the questions I always hated to answer all my life was, ‘what is your aim in life’? Probably I disliked the question because I never knew the answer. In schools I used to tell that I wanted to become an engineer, because my bench mate wanted to become one. Later I kept telling that I wanted to become a doctor, because the teachers admired students who wanted to become a physician. To be honest I never had an aim or a goal. But deep down, I always had an affinity towards saintly people & things that were associated with divinity. I surely could not tell my parents or teachers that I wanted to become a saint!

The dream innings I never played!

I loved to play cricket since childhood - more so because unlike other team games there was no need to run much, jump, snatch, pull, push or fall. May be that was the reason why cricket was termed as the Gentleman’s game. I was the super star in my apartment. There were only 10 boys of different age groups who met in the evening to play. No match would take place in my absence. It was indeed ego boosting, but it was much later I realised that they wouldn’t start because I was the only guy to have got a good bat, stumps & also a ball!

What’s wrong in flaunting?

Actor Kamal Hassan has a beautiful point to share. He says not able to flaunt your talent or achievement is a middle class attitude, and that people should come out to exhibit their geniuses to make it big in their lives. I totally agree with him. Women with good breasts flaunt them wearing a tight t-shirt, women with good butts flaunt it wearing tight fit jeans hence I thought why not I flaunt few astrological predictions that came true - which more than anyone else zapped me!

Hey blogger! Planning to write a book?

The concept of blogging has brought many a talents out. The creative people bubbling with ideas, the people who were rejected by media companies and the people who always wanted to write but could not gather enough guts to take up writing as a full time career can find solace in updating their blog site. A 100 dedicated readers is a good amount of number for a successful blogger. With increase in readership & fame most bloggers are now nursing a thought about bringing out their own book or publishing their own work. Will it work?

Dara Singh gets life instead of death!

Australian missionary Graham Staines & his two minor sons were sleeping in their jeep on January 22, 1999. A mob headed by Dara Singh attacked them, and set the jeep on ablaze killing all the three! What was Graham doing in Orissa? He was spreading the message of God. Is preaching a sin?

The lessons I learnt!

I was always blessed with enough money hence I had this feeling that that money was never important for survival. And I still think the same. But now I need to accept one fact that except for happiness, money can buy you everything else. All your desires can be brought into reality using money, and also many relationships are based on the amount of cash you carry!

Given a choice I will never pay my tax!

I was reading a beautiful book written by Robert Kiyoski called ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. In the book the author discusses about ‘how the concept of tax came in being.’ Previously tax was levied only on the rich, and the money collected from them were disbursed among the poor or used for the betterment of the society. Later it so happened that the rich invented various ways to escape tax and the whole burden of tax fell upon the middle class while the poor never came into the tax bracket!

My new life & my new approach!

It is almost 7 months that I quit my 9.15 to 5.45 job ( After 30 years of existence, for the first time I feel that I am living my life for myself. I lived my childhood for my parents, I did my Post Graduation for being accepted by the society and I worked for 7 ½ years thinking that is what was needed to have a good family life.

Living an uncorrupt life!

I should thank the movie maker Shankar & also actor Kamal Hasan to have made a movie like ‘Indian’ (Hindustani in Hindi). In fact that was the movie which influenced me a lot in trying to a live an uncorrupt life. I stopped watching new movies on VCDs, stopped giving extra money to LPG delivery boy when he ‘demands’, refused to pay the Electricity Board guys to fix my electrical problems, and ignored the demands of BSNL to check my telephone faults. In real life things aren’t that easy as it sounds!

My Services Just for ‘YOU’

I have revamped my site a bit and my personality to a very large extent. I have pierced both my ears & have started wearing rings, & also I have started growing my hair, beard and all that which has the potential of growing :P. On the site I have introduced few customised astrological products that suit your requirements perfectly. Do go through them, and let me know if you have any innovative ideas that can help me & others.

I am back after a 5 months break!

I wanted to take a short break but then who can win over destiny. I am not sure whom should I blame for things going haphazard. Should I blame (my site is hosted on their server), who took some 3 months to set my blog site right. Or should I blame my friend who stopped mailing me back - like yet another NRI - after moving to the US? Or should I blame the planet Saturn (Shani) which went on a ‘retrograde’ trip from Jan 2005 till May 2005 creating delay & postponement in many lives!

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