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Why I love Laloo

Kerala is serene. It is termed God’s own country. The entire state is lush green & there are no problems as far as water is concerned. The literacy level is 100 per cent (a state is considered to be literate if all the people are able to read the daily newspaper), and the population is really low. Where have all the Keralites gone by the way? They are spread across the globe - few millions in the Gulf, few millions across the world, and few millions across the country. Kerala has plenty of foreign money but what about the infrastructure & industrial development of the state. Who cares? Well the Keralites bother more about other states & other countries than their own – may be they left the plight of the state to the Gods to worry about!

I saw a cool looking hype guy riding on his Yezdi (bike) today. He with no effort could overtake everyone – including me. I usually don’t go beyond 40 km/hr – not that I am afraid of death, but I hate speed. I met him in the next signal. Once the signal was open, he would rip again, and again I would meet him in the next signal. This is true with life too. How much ever you worry, how much ever you try hard, how much ever you put effort & struggle – you still will reach only where destiny wants to take you. You cannot even lift a stone with your effort - if the time isn’t ripe. And my brother in law’s (BIL) marriage is quite an example!

‘Anniyan’ – Thought provoking!

Since childhood we are trained to be good & obedient. We are asked not to indulge in other people’s problems. We hate violence, thanks to M K Gandhi. And we have this attitude of ‘sab kuch chalta hai’ (enna nadanda numekku enna) inbuilt in our system. We usually don’t mind bribing the traffic police, or crossing the lane, or being fooled by spurious products. We usually don’t consider them as mistakes or sins, which probably could affect India’s over all growth. The only thing we do to prove our love towards the nation is emptying our cupboard of old clothes when there is a natural calamity like that of earth quakes & tsunami!

Finally I shifted my house � thanks to Saturn!

I was analyzing my own chart a year back, and was wondering what will Saturn Transit 2004-2005 have in store for me. I told my wife that, �Saturn transit clubbed with a new dasha (period) of Mercury would ideally change my career, and also by May/June 2005 we should be changing our house. We will be moving to a new place of residence.� I won�t take credit for the former prediction coming true, because may be I influenced the event. I quit Sify, and started on my own. But I cannot restrain myself from saluting this wonderful science/art of astrology to have made my 2nd prediction come true!

An insight into sleep!

Baby sitting is an art, and making the baby sleep is a bigger art. My wife left for shopping today, and I was swinging my 3-year-old baby in a cradle when I got this idea of blogging about what sleep exactly is. I am sure this blog will help all those men, who cannot escape baby sitting their children - always.

Scientifically the process of sleep is divided into 4 levels - the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th. A good sleep comprises of 4 hours of 1st & 2nd level and 4 hours of 3rd and 4th level.

The people behind Askenni.com�s resurrection!

�Askenni was �MY� original idea. �I� conceptualized it, �I� designed it, and even the cool looking photograph was taken by �ME�. Wish I could say that with authority! But no, they aren�t true. There were loads of people who helped me immensely to make it what it is today. Few helped me directly & few indirectly. And this particular blog is dedicated to all those bloggers & non-bloggers who helped me to set my blog site right & make it look a bit professional.

Sentiments, Omens & Superstitions � part 2

Good time, astrologically, is when with less effort you achieve more results, and bad time is when you attain very less success even after 100 per cent struggle. There are two ways in which you can lead your life � one by surrendering to the existence, and another by putting effort. People who surrender to the existence always tend to get messages & signs through divine intervention which guide them & help them many a times. And people who put effort generally ignore these signs � in any case the outcome remains the same. Just that the former knows the outcome beforehand � hence the dejection is less, and the latter comes to know it much later � hence the disappointment is really high!

Sentiments, Omens & Superstitions ? part 1

Sachin Tendulkar never removes his helmet till he hits a century. What if it rains and he is asked to go to the pavilion? He still doesn?t remove his helmet unless the match is called off completely. Mohinder Amarnath always had a red kerchief poking out of his pants whenever he came down to bat. Saurav Ganguly wears two different T-Shirts that carry different numbers ? one while batting & another while fielding.

Vaasthu Shastra & Feng Shui

Om Namo Narayanaya

Where you live decides how you live. I don't want to give you gyaan about how - chi or prana or life force works in bringing good health, joy & prosperity into lives. There are enough & more literatures available on the Internet on how shapes, size, & directions influence events & personal lives. I need not take extra effort about convincing you about this ancient art. The only thing I am aware is - it works & it works perfectly!

The difficulties in maintaining your own blog site!

I wanted to write about the difference between logic & belief. Then I thought I would write about how to handle money & fame. In the meantime someone calls me over the phone & the first question he asks me is - if I recognised him. As if he was on some kinda television and not telephone. That prompted me to write a blog on telephone etiquette. Uff…and I finally ended up writing about how difficult it is to maintain your blog site!

….and I make enough money through Askenni.com!

I would be one among the very few people who had to leave his high paying job for the sake of maintaining a blog! Today I feel flattered when someone calls me from Australia to tell me that my blog is good, or when someone from UK goes in for my astrological consultation. I waited for 8 months to write this particular blog, and this probably would be the last blog which I write against my ex-employer Sify.com!

Govt Will(s) Scissor(s) on Smoking

I am an ardent fan of Rajini Kanth since I am 3 years old. I adored the way he flipped his cigars, and the way he puffed like a steam engine. My dad is a chain smoker, and I was the one who used to run to the pan beedi shop to buy him cigarette packets on every weekends. And still I have not smoked a single cigarette in my life!

I spent a sleepless night. The flashes of the disgusting incident kept me furious the whole evening. I didn’t know what was destined the next morning – whether I will get more slaps & punches or will it be a giving back time – in any case I was sure that I am going to the venue no matter what may come. I had complete trust on my friends ‘cause I have been always blessed with good friends. But the irony was they were always too good - they never smoked, they never drank, they never went behind girls, and they never had any nexus with the underworld.

I wore the same dress for sentiment sake. I reached the venue at the same time, but she didn’t turn up. I was a bit dejected. And suddenly my friend spotted her taking another route. She was avoiding us?!! We were on a bicycle, and she had her bicycle too. We started chasing her, as if it was some kind of rape sequence happening in some old Hindi movie.

Her name was Chandarani. Nope, she wasn’t someone dancing in one of Rekha’s khotas. She was my school mate, 2 years junior to me on whom I had a serious crush. I was doing my 10th and she was in her 8th standard. I saw her first when was playing ‘luppa chuppi’ (hide & seek) with her mates. She was fair, she was fat, she had a bob cut, and an enchanting smile.

My Newest Products just for ‘YOU’!

Here is the list of new products which I have added to my services. Kindly have a look.

Shani Transit Prediction - Rs 900 ($18 USD)

The planet Shani gets into a Cancer once again after a 4 month retrograde period in Gemini. It will remain in the new house till November 2006. This particular phenomenon is bound to bring major changes in human lives starting from May, June & July 2005.

What’s life? It’s just a set of memories!

Zen says ‘keep flowing.’ The Buddhists say its nirvana. Osho says it all about no-mind. Jesus says forget & forgive. And there are many others who have dedicated ample number of years to understand what life is all about & who took enough pain to share their experiences about God or Divinity or shunyatha - whatever you name it. End of the day truth remains that there is no escape from day-to-day human problems and that you cannot leave them behind to survive in solitude.

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