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Remedial Measures

None is happy with what is provided to them by God. Given a chance all would want to change their life drastically - most would want to be as rich as Bill Gates, many would want to look like Tom Cruise, and few would want to become Aishwarya Rai. But the sad part of life is nothing is changeable. If destiny can be changed so easily, none would want to be what they already are.

The fun in getting insulted! Part 2 - Last

Mahatma Gandhi, P Chidambaram, Laloo Prasad Yadav, M F Hussein, Osho Rajneesh, Ilaiyaraja, Bal Thackeray – are few of my role models. Of course there are women role models too. I admire J Jayalalitha & Mother Teresa. Once in a while I honestly try to imitate my role models – not intellectually but at least the way they carry themselves. And I am proud that I imitate them by wearing simple clothes instead of imitating the West by wearing a suit at 32 degree Centigrade!

The fun in getting insulted – Part 1

It was my mistake. In spite of knowing that the dress code to enter the recent bloggers meet organized at the ‘Madras Boat Club’ was T shirt, I wore an Indian kurta. Neither did I compromise, nor did they. The club personals didn’t allow me inside. Kiruba tried his level best to get me special permission to enter. He even tried to get me T shirt. But then I thought it wasn’t necessary for me to circumcise to attend a Muslim marriage. Hence we walked off. The irony is I was born in Tiruppur, the city which exports the largest number of T-shirts, and that my father owned a T- shirt manufacturing unit once!

Make Money Through Askenni!

Few choose the career they love, and few don't. Some compromise on the work they love to do, and some don't. Of course it is destiny again. You are in the field in which God wants you to be. Here is an opportunity for you where in you can do what you always wanted to do, and also make some extra money in the process.

The entrance fee for Chennai’s prime multiplex Mayajaal is Rs 250. Queensland – the latest theme part charges Rs 450 per head, while you can spend the entire day at MGM Fun World for Rs 350 (refreshment extra). And surprisingly there is no religious or spiritual place in India where there is an entrance fee. No wonder the whole of religiousness & spirituality has gone down the drain in the past few centuries. We are outright ready to buy tickets that cost Rs 200 for a Rajini’s newest hit movie, at the same time we get offended if someone asks a special fee for a special darshan at Tirupathi shrine!

Why should God be available for cheap? Part 2

There are a set of people who need scientific explanation & scientific proofs for everything. Their argument is right - when people say God exists, then why can’t all see Him/Her in flesh & blood. Hence they keep negating the presence of anything that cannot be proven scientifically. Scientifically when 2 molecules of Hydrogen combine with 1 molecule of Oxygen water is formed. In atmosphere some 70 per cent is Hydrogen, and 3 per cent is Oxygen – if they can combine according to the rules of Chemistry, then we should be able to produce water in a laboratory. We need not depend upon rain for survival! And the water that condenses outside a chilled beer is the water molecule that is already present in the atmosphere due to evaporation.

Why should God be available for cheap? – Part 1

Sitting on the cushioned seat we wouldn’t be thinking about innovative ideas to meet our quarterly targets if we had bleeding piles. Or we wouldn’t be fighting with our wife just because she doesn’t have a good relationship with her in laws, if we had a tumour in our head. We usually take our health for granted, and ignore all those good things God has blessed us with. We crib about most things in life, and keep aspiring for more & more from God. And in return we either break few coconuts or give away our hair! What on earth would God do with our hair?!!

The blog I never wanted to write!

I admire Bejan Daruwalla for his astrological skills, English vocabulary, and the way he transfers all the credit of his predictions to Lord Ganesha. Putting down astrologers isn’t my objective, but then I am just trying to bring few truths to light.

Here is a mail I got from one of my blog readers a couple of weeks back.

Processes have to be ‘thinked’!

I had been to Adyar Sangeetha recently, and I noticed a couple (colleagues) who had come for lunch. Both of them were from Inautix – their tags on their neck showed it. I really wonder why people carry their office tag to each and every place they go. Wearing it during office hours is fine, but to the shopping mall in the evenings? I am sure they at least remove it when having sex with their spouses.

Will I be able to bring rains through music?

My sister�s comp conked yesterday, and I had to rush to the nearest Reliance WebWorld to send my predictions for online clients. Incidentally I saw someone browsing my blog site � and honestly it was an ego boasting experience. I approached him to ask how he reached my site, and he was taken aback completely and could not recognise me. May be I don�t look the same as in the pic that is showcased on the site (I have much longer hair & bigger beard now). I told him, I am Kennedi, and he was more than happy to meet me � he said he knew me from the days I handled Sify Astrology. I wonder how small the world is. And I also could configure the possible reason why my sister�s computer conked. Now on to my today�s blog�..

Types of astrologers - part 2 - Final!

‘Print out’ astrologers

In my previous blog I missed to add this important kind of astrologers who are budding really fast. These are people who invest in a computer, download the latest astrology software from the net, find the crack code and then start calling themselves astrologers.

Millions of astro rules are fed in the software and on the basis of few astro parameters pages & pages of predictions are thrown by the computers. Whether the prediction will suit you specifically is a BIG question!

Types of astrologers – part 1!

If Jesus Christ visits the planet today, he will be surprised to see the different branches of Christianity that resulted out of his divine preaching - Roman Catholics, Protestants, Penda Coastal, CSI, NSI, Christian Orthodox & what not. I am sure there also would be a special cult, which will object Jesus Christ being a Christian himself! It is simply the ignorance of the masses, which without understanding the basics jump on creating their own belief system & their own preconceived notions. Astrology is one such art that has been conceived utterly wrong based on very few astrologers who most of the times have gone wrong.

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