Remedial Measures

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None is happy with what is provided to them by God. Given a chance all would want to change their life drastically - most would want to be as rich as Bill Gates, many would want to look like Tom Cruise, and few would want to become Aishwarya Rai. But the sad part of life is nothing is changeable. If destiny can be changed so easily, none would want to be what they already are.

Astrology as a science or arts is based on the principle of Karma, and the natal chart is nothing but the balance sheet of your past life. What you will achieve in this particular life depends upon what you did in your past life, and what you will do in your next life depends upon what you do in the present life. I am sure you already have started yawning. But that 'IS' a bitter truth.

Astrologers who promise to change others' destiny are always more successful than the astrologers who just predict the future & leave it there. People hate to know about their limitations, and always love to hear BIG things about themselves & their potential - whether they really take place in their lives isn't something they would bother about.

Numerologists say names create some kind of vibrations that helps you change your destiny. If Ashok adds an extra 'S' and replaces 'K' with 'LE' and spells his name ASShoLE - none is going to call him by that name. The pronunciation of any name remains the same even if you change the spelling - Karina or Kareena. And ask yourself how many people call you by your name in a day - maximum 1 or 2! If pronouncing your name once or twice can change your destiny, then people who chant God's names for lakhs & lakhs times should be mere fools. And also if it is about writing your name, how many times do you write your name? Hardly once in a day!

If you think that by wearing a Yellow Sapphire in your ring finger, you can walk away from all the exploitation & bloody politics you play on your sub ordinates, then I am sure God can only show you his middle finger. Gemology of course is a multimillion business now. And most astrologers who fail in their prediction part take up Gemology as a new career - the profit margin is really high.

In my personal opinion, until & unless God wants none can change their destiny. And getting God's approval isn't as easy as changing the spelling, wearing a costly gem or changing your handwriting & signature.

For instance if I predict a bad time for a person for the next 2 years and at the same time recommend a remedial measure to escape the bad time - one of the two ought to be wrong. Either my prediction for him for the next 2 years is wrong, or my remedial measure is wrong. So what exactly could remedial measures do? It can only help you keep yourself cool while passing through the bad phase. That is it. You still will have to undergo the pain & sufferings - there is no escape.

It is not that I haven't learnt the techniques of remedial measures. It is just that I don't recommend them thinking it might give false hopes to my clients.

And the irony is most of the times your Karma won't allow you to carry out the prescribed remedial measure.

If you still insist, then here is the list of remedial measures I provide....

Kindly go through these 'RULES' before making any payment!

Vedic Remedies - 333 USD

Based on your natal chart, Vedic remedies will be prescribed to the problems you are facing at present. Most problems are due to the ill effects of negative planets in your horoscope.

Mantra Shastra - 333 USD

Based on your problems & needs mantras will be suggested to you. Along with the mantra, the process of the whole puja will be suggested. Guidance will be provided all through the days for which the puja has been prescribed.

Lucky Gems - 279 USD

Based on your horoscope the ideal Gemstone will be suggested to you. It is also possible that astrologically you need not wear any Gems at all. The report will also have the details about the carat of the gem, the finger on which it has to be worn, when it has to be worn, and also the prayers that has to be performed before you wear the gem.

Numerology - 180 USD

Your name will be tuned to the energy of the planet which dominates your chart. Name will also be provided for newborns, based on their natal chart. Lucky names will also be suggested for Business enterprises.

Muhurta - 180 USD

Auspicious time for all your important events will be suggested. It could be for joining a new office, submitting your resignation, buying a house/land, buying a car, marriage, filing a case et al.

Please note - Muhurta WILL NOT be provided for 'C' Section deliveries!


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