The fun in getting insulted! Part 2 - Last

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Mahatma Gandhi, P Chidambaram, Laloo Prasad Yadav, M F Hussein, Osho Rajneesh, Ilaiyaraja, Bal Thackeray – are few of my role models. Of course there are women role models too. I admire J Jayalalitha & Mother Teresa. Once in a while I honestly try to imitate my role models – not intellectually but at least the way they carry themselves. And I am proud that I imitate them by wearing simple clothes instead of imitating the West by wearing a suit at 32 degree Centigrade!

I was just wondering if Bal Thackeray had paid a visit to Madras Boat Club for the bloggers meet, and if he was blocked from entering the premises with his Indian attire. I am sure that could have been the last day Madras Boat Club existed. We indeed need powerful people like Balasaheb in an Indian scenario - at least to put few things in places!

Having completed his studies in foreign universities, our Finance Minister P Chidambaram walks into the Parliament in his white dhoti & white shirt to announce the annual budget. He makes sure that all the CEOs & COOs sweating like pigs in their Western clothes keep their mouth shut. It is more about what you carry on your head, than what you carry yourself in.

Clothing essentially was invented by human being for two important reasons. 1) To save oneself from changing climatic conditions and 2) for comfort. You will never see an Eskimo wearing a bikini for sure.

What is comfort in the West becomes a fashion in India. Even foreigners when they visit humid countries like India, change their attire to shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of slippers. Coat suits, socks & shoes were used in the West to protect themselves from severe cold. No wonder in India, people start stinking soon.

Of course the system will change one day, when we Indians agree or accept that we were far more civilized than the West.

I remember a story, which was part of our Hindi syllabus in schools. The lesson’s name was ‘Pratikriya – ek jeevan kasauti’, which means reaction to a particular event is life’s biggest challenge. Three friends visit a public meeting, and they occupy the seats in the front row. The management comes in and says, “please go behind because these seats have been reserved for the people who will donate the maximum today.” All the three react differently. One guy thinks - this is how the world is. Let me forget this and move on. The second guy thinks – buggers people like this should be shot dead. And the third guy thinks – I will make so much money in life that I always occupy the front row.

Not being allowed into the Madras Boat Club for not wearing a T-Shirt has made me take few important decisions too. Firstly – I won’t go to any place that has a dress code, secondly if I am called as a Chief Guest to the same boat club (which will happen soon) I am planning to go full Digambara style, and if things don’t change in India before I built my temple cum ashram cum meditation resort named ‘Atmosphere’ - I will have my own dress code. Women should enter topless & men should enter bottomless – because it is MY DEN!

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