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Friend/Client gets into Star TV as predicted!

Human mind has the habit of taking credit to all that happens in our lives or happens through us. If it is ‘us’ who are responsible for what happens in our lives or around us, then everyone would become a doctor after completing their 12th & every one would prefer to marry none but Jennifer Lopez.

Please do not have a gate in front of my vehicle!

ICICI has always been known for their aggressiveness. They want to explore all those places where humans haven’t reached as yet, or to do something we haven’t heard about. And when it comes to insurance, they seem to bother more about our future than we ourselves do. Recently I saw these boards on most house & apartment gates which says, “Please do not park in front of this gate – ICICI Lombard”. There is another notice written outside most apartments which say, “Visitors vehicle not allowed inside”, so what are we supposed to do now? Carry the vehicle on our head?!!! Or park the vehicle at our home, and go by walk?!!

Krish Shrikanth – double role?!

I am sure most of my readers by now know where I worked last – in case you aren’t sure just mail me and I will confirm. It so happened….

it was a cricket series, and our company booked our retired star opener Krish Shrikanth for a live chat sessions. The deal was - he would chat live on the Internet with the audience just after each match was over, and he would share his opinions about the match with all the Netizens who come online. Things were perfect, till he thought of transferring the power of (ch)attorney to the sports editor!

Can a boy & a girl just remain ‘BEST’ friends? Part 2

Whether a boy and a girl can restrict their relationship to a platonic level is quite debatable. Few say it is possible, and few say isn’t possible. Of course, there is a slight possibility if one of them has a person on mind he/she already has decided to marry. But honestly I am yet to see a relationship, where both of them are friendly to each other and have not thought about leading a life together at least once! Of course it is not a sin to think about marrying a person (belonging to opposite sex) who happens to be a good friend. But still….

In schools, in colleges & at office place - I have had many friends who were girls. I always tried to be good to them, and they were good to me too. But if I were to ask myself if I had never thought about them sexually - then I probably would be lying. I envied all those mixed groups comprising of both guys & girls who existed just as friends or at least portrayed themselves as being ‘JUST’ friends. I wasn’t sure if I was the only guy who had this problem with genders. It is similar to a situation, when you start masturbating in your teens and you think you are the only person in the world to have helped yourself!


Humour is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with, and it isn’t easy to make someone laugh. Charlie Chaplin had to make himself look funny, had to fall innumerous times, and had to take many blows to make thousands laugh.

Yesterday was my 1st daughter G. K. Tejeswini’s birthday, and I thought I would start a humour section on my blog site dedicated to her. This section will include all those funny incidents that take place in our day to day life!

Planning to meet the CM against Set Top Box in Chennai!

We post a blog everyday because frequency of updates matter a lot. We keep checking page views statistics – it gives us a huge ego boost. We keep checking our comment box, just to see how many have taken the time to read our blog and how many have really bothered to put a comment. We take pride in not reading others’ blog, not commenting on others’ blog & not crosslinking them from our site. Few early birds get media coverage & few don’t. We meet up once a while to discuss the latest technology in the world of blogging - audio blogs, video blogs, live streaming et al - or probably to booze together. So what’s next? How long will this go? Are we just going to exist as a passive blogger or come out to bring a change in the society!

He was watching a movie in his office during lunch break. One of the managers walks in and fires him from the job in the month of May 2005. The couple (Mike & Susan) gets a shock and the initial panic affect all in the family. Getting a new job isn’t easy even in the US, and not all have enough savings to remain jobless for months together. They are none but my American chat friends who I met through the internet in the year 2000 - it is 5 years now and we still are going strong.

Ilaiyaraja’s ‘Thiruvasagam’!

I am an ardent fan of Ilaiyaraja. I would say he is a far better music director than A R Rahman. The latter’s music reaches your head, while former’s reaches your heart. Listening to janani janani is more soothing than listening to en mel vizhunde mazhai thuliye any day.

I was glad about Ilaiyaraja’s new work being released – ‘Thiruvasagam’ – where in he clubs Indian classical with Western orchestra. And probably I was the first to run to music store to fetch one of the copies. I was disappointed totally about what was available in the music store. The store keeper proudly said, “for now they have released only the CDs, and based on the initial sales of CDs - cassettes will be released.” A sick marketing move I should say.

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