Can a boy & a girl just remain ‘BEST’ friends? Part 2

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Whether a boy and a girl can restrict their relationship to a platonic level is quite debatable. Few say it is possible, and few say isn’t possible. Of course, there is a slight possibility if one of them has a person on mind he/she already has decided to marry. But honestly I am yet to see a relationship, where both of them are friendly to each other and have not thought about leading a life together at least once! Of course it is not a sin to think about marrying a person (belonging to opposite sex) who happens to be a good friend. But still….

We were 5 guys and 12 girls while doing our Master’s degree in Mass Communication. I was friendly to all the girls, till I got really intimate with one of them. In fact the first conversation we had was – whether a boy & a girl can really be friends. She said, it is possible, and I argued it wasn’t. We ended up falling in love.

The 2nd guy was close to another girl, and most of the times they were seen together in the college premises. I was in fact jealous about their clean friendship. It was after 1 ½ years I came to know that the guy wanted to marry her, but then his caste was his biggest barrier. He never told her about what he had on his mind about her. And she intelligently managed as if she never understood his love towards her. She is happily married with 2 kids now, and the guy (unmarried) still is in touch with her as a good FRIEND!

The 3rd guy met the girl he was close to after 2 years of college life. They met up for a coffee, the girl proposed to him, and they got married.

The 4th guy indeed had the biggest blow. The girl he loved finally fell for me, and ditched both of us at the end.

And the 5th guy thankfully never attended the classes.

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