Planning to meet the CM against Set Top Box in Chennai!

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We post a blog everyday because frequency of updates matter a lot. We keep checking page views statistics – it gives us a huge ego boost. We keep checking our comment box, just to see how many have taken the time to read our blog and how many have really bothered to put a comment. We take pride in not reading others’ blog, not commenting on others’ blog & not crosslinking them from our site. Few early birds get media coverage & few don’t. We meet up once a while to discuss the latest technology in the world of blogging - audio blogs, video blogs, live streaming et al - or probably to booze together. So what’s next? How long will this go? Are we just going to exist as a passive blogger or come out to bring a change in the society!

This isn’t my question. In fact my sister asked me this question a couple of days back. The blogging community has its own uniqueness. It is an educated group, it is a group which bothers about the society, and moreover it has no political background. The only thing that it needs at this juncture is ‘UNITY.’

Chennai has been made the guinea pig most of the times. We are deprived of information just because Sun Network wants to maintain a monopoly in the TV industry. We don’t get popular channels like HBO, Star World & National Geographic just because SCV has imported lots of Set Top box and they want to sell it off. The rich don’t mind to buy the stupid box, and the poor don’t bother to have one. It is the middle class who are sandwiched between these two. And we are helpless to raise our voice, and most of the times don’t know how to react!

And now ICICI makes a fool of Chennaites. They have all the rights to maintain the minimum balance as Rs 5000, but minimum withdrawal at ATM - Rs 500 isn’t something that can be digested. And that too only in Chennai & Cochin!! So, this time also we are as helpless as always.

Everything has to start somewhere sometime. Hence my sister & I have decided to meet our CM J Jayalalitha next month to handover a petition against the system of Set Top box in Chennai. We aren’t sure about how many will join us in this particular protest, but your presence will really make a BIG difference. Do mail me or leave a comment if you are OPEN to join us!

Note- You need not necessarily be a blogger to join us in this particular experiment!

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