Please do not have a gate in front of my vehicle!

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ICICI has always been known for their aggressiveness. They want to explore all those places where humans haven’t reached as yet, or to do something we haven’t heard about. And when it comes to insurance, they seem to bother more about our future than we ourselves do. Recently I saw these boards on most house & apartment gates which says, “Please do not park in front of this gate – ICICI Lombard”. There is another notice written outside most apartments which say, “Visitors vehicle not allowed inside”, so what are we supposed to do now? Carry the vehicle on our head?!!! Or park the vehicle at our home, and go by walk?!!

Most house owners seem to forget that their right on the acquired property ends from their gate, and they have no rights to tell us what exactly we need to do outside their gates. As a citizen of free India I will poke my finger in my nose, pee on the roads, or even kiss a babe in public. I think ICICI has no right to tell me what I should do & where.

And now after ICICI, even Focus Opticals (a local optician) has started hanging their boards which displays the same message. I am sure it will take another century for us to come out of this herd mentality of copying others, without using our own brains.

So what am I doing to do now? I am going to carry a board which says, “Please do not have a gate in front of my vehicle –”.

BTW I am off to Tiruppur for a couple of days, will be back by Monday. Till then Happy Blogging!

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