Dad expires leaving behind a huge vacuum in our hearts!

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I was mentally prepared. And astrologically I knew it could happen any time. My dad was really running a bad time starting June 2005 till November 2006. His horoscope didn’t support his life, nor did mine. I had told my close people about what to expect, but then my sister wanted to reconfirm the same from my teacher K Gopalakrishnan. We consulted him 20 days back, and without mincing word he said – very difficult for your father to survive. Knowing the future could be troublesome, but then it really can make you prepared for the worst.

My sister left Chennai on 22nd night to celebrate her birthday (that falls on 26th September) with my parents. She reached Tiruppur on 23rd morning. My dad was admitted at KMCH for a sleep test. He was advised to invest in a CPAP mask (that costs 45 k), which is used by people who suffer from sleep apnea. The doctor’s prediction medically was – he would survive another 1 year, if he got that mask at the earliest. Another 1 year was impossible - astrologically.

My dad was discharged from the hospital after the test, and he was perfectly normal when he reached home. I got a call from my sister at around 9.30 pm on the 23rd. She wanted to share good news about my eldest sister buying her own car the same day. When we were just chatting, my sister handed over the phone to my mom abruptly. When mom was on the phone, I could hear my dad panting. It all happened suddenly. I could hear my dad asking them to take him to the hospital. My mom hung the phone immediately. They rushed to the hospital.

At 10 pm I got a call again, and this time my sister says – it is all over. My dad breathed his last in her arms! One thing we all are glad about is that – he lived a complete life, and that he didn’t suffer much before his death.

May his soul rest in peace always.

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