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The abstract concept called virginity – part 2!

The dictionary says that virgin is a person, immaterial of gender, who has not experienced sexual intercourse. Sex and sexual intercourse have similarities and differences too. Sex has various stages right from holding hands, rubbing skin, kissing, hugging, fondling, caressing, holding genitals, helping each other masturbate, oral pleasures, fingering and many other steps before the final sexual intercourse happens. Sexual intercourse essentially means the final penetration by man into a woman, which leads to orgasm for both. The question of virginity is at stake only at the last stage of sex i.e., during sexual intercourse and till then both men and women play a safe bet – logically!

The abstract concept called ‘virginity’ – part 1!

All of us form our opinions and thoughts based upon the people we meet in our lives, the books we read, the knowledge we gain from various sources, the personal experiences we have in our lives and the environment we are subjected to. As rightly said by one of the yet to be famous authors that opinions are like as****e, every one has got one. I too have something to share based upon the 200 friends I have made, few 1000 clients, and few 100 acquaintances. Thanks to the film star Khusboo to have brought up the issue, which has now become a national debate. After solving issues related to poverty successfully in India, the politicians have started to solve the premarital sex issue!

Mockery of ourselves – part 2!

The advocate was kind enough to answer all our questions we were bubbling to find answers for. She sited a beautiful example about what exactly has to be done if you are served with a dosa half baked in any restaurant. Firstly you need to preserve the dosa and take it with you when you are filing the case. Secondly, you should have enough evidences to prove that that particular dosa was served in that particular hotel. If you succeed in filing a case, it will again take at least 2 years for you to get the judgment. In the process you would have at least spent few 1000s in traveling to the court, and paying up the advocates. Do you really want to get into these things, asked the advocate logically? We stared at her, and she added, “you can if want to take that up as a profession, which I feel you are not.”

The politics behind Khushboo’s ‘virginity’ issue!!

Kindly read the heading keeping the single quotes in mind. I don’t want to get into another controversy in my life. Well I am sure those PMK guys won’t understand what I really mean as they already are against the usage of English in Tamil Nadu. Of course they don’t have any objection using all the other inventions made by the foreigners – the mike on which they make false promises, the loud speakers used to conduct public meetings to disturb the people, the tube lights they use at their fancies, and the loads of electricity wasted during election campaigns. Well this blog is not to explain the abstract concept called virginity (will blog about that sometime later), but this blog is in support to freedom of expression and the MASSIVE politics behind pulling Tamil actress Khusboo into a controversy. (You will understand the massiveness by reading this particular blog, which happens to be one of my longest blogs ever written!)

Mockery of ourselves – part 1!

My sister and I have quit our 9-5 jobs a year ago. From then we have enough time in our hands. We discuss a lot about dedicating some time to cleanse the society or doing something that can bring some kind of improvement in the city we live in. Off late we also found ourselves getting irritated very easily by petty things like – ICICI making the minimum withdrawal amount as Rs 500, beverages like Pepsi, Coke being sold double the price than MRP at Mayajaal and many other things, where we felt really helpless. Hence we thought we should meet up with an advocate, and see what exactly can be done legally to put an end to few problems we face in our day to day life….

If you seek knowledge, seek it fully. Partial knowledge is always dangerous, and could prove you dumb at times. I had a cousin, who unable to withstand his parents’ torture, ran away from house when he was a small boy. For some 10 years he lived away, and was working in one of the weaving industries in Uttar Pradesh. That particular company was good, and they would save half the money he made in his bank account. After 10 years he returned to his native, and the first person who recognized him was me. He could not talk anything but Hindi (he forgot all the Tamil he knew), he would dress like a bhaiyya (no derogation meant), and also sit like a bhaiyya. He shared all his experiences with me, but he had a big doubt in his mind. He showed me the bank pass book he was carrying with him. And he innocently asked me, “will the money I made in the previous place valid here?”

I come across various kinds of people everyday – through yahoo messenger or mail or by direct consultation. And a special genre of people always surprises me. Off late I have started seeing a particular pattern in them. Though the number of these people getting in touch with me is negligible I thought I could write a blog about them so that I can send this particular URL to them, whenever some others try the same stunt on me.

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