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Do something different this New Year!

For years we had been glued to the Television on the midnight of December 31, and watched celebrities dancing, singing & wishing us a very ‘Happy New Year.’ Some other years we were at our office slogging our butt at work, when our bosses were having a gala time in some New Year party. A couple of years back we ground our hip with our girl friend in a pub, who later ditched us to find a better NRI partner as a soul mate. Few New Year nights we tried to call up our forgotten parents and found the phone lines very busy. So what can you do differently on this New Year eve?

Yearly predictions for year 2006!

And finally I succeeded in pushing myself to write the yearly prediction for YOU. The predictions for the year 2006 are made based on your Sun Sign, which depends on your birth dates. The corresponding dates of births are put on the sides of a particular Sun Sign to make it simpler for new comers. Lot of people ask me logically, “how can all the people in the world born under a particular sun sign have the same prediction?” And I astroLOGICALLY answer my prediction holds true only for those who read it!!

The MBAs and the IIMs I met in my life – part 2!

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already present in a man”, said Swami Vivekanand. What does this tongue twisting sentence actually mean? Take for example a rock, and think what could an artist do to it? He will just knock off the unessential parts, and would bring out a beautiful statue that was hidden so far in that nonsensical rock. That is exactly what education has to do to any human being. But the present education system tries only to dump on you all that crappy information, which most of the time proves useless. And how could a mere 2 years of theory classes, and mugging up of past case studies help a MBA to be good manager. To prove your worth you need to get on to the field and compete with the ‘Gujjus’ and the ‘Annachis’, who are born with business knack, and who quit their studies early to handle ‘successful’ businesses. BTW what makes you call yourself a ‘MASTER’ in Business Administration if you could not even open a small ‘potti’ kadai (pan beedi stall), and succeed in running it efficiently!

The MBAs and the IIMs I met in my life – Part 1!

I always had high regards for the MBAs from normal Business schools and also from God’s own institutions like that of IIMs A, B, C, & D until I met few of them during my Corporate life. There are both pluses and minuses in them. The pluses are – they are damn good at dressing up (usually would wear branded clothes and shoes), they carry themselves really well (with an attitude that is), they have excellent communication skills (you will never know when you are taken for a ride), they are impressive at promising huge targets (which are never met logically), they don’t have stage fears (they lie the way they want) and they are very good at presentation skills (Microsoft power point to be precise). And the minuses are, rather I would say they have only one minus point – most of them have huge butts as they carry their brains there!

A long blog about a ‘kutti’ (small) miracle!

I am on abstinence for Lord Ayyappa. And there were many who said, you aren’t supposed to be because your father died recently. There is a general belief that you should not go to Sabarimala, if someone close dies that particular year. But Lord Ayyappa is so addictive that you really can’t resist yourself from seeing him. As the season (Karthikai month in Tamil calendar) was nearing, I had to call up my Guruswami (the teacher who initiates you into seeking Lord Ayyappa) and brief him about the situation. He asked me to come over, and we shall discuss.

So what’s happening on!

Let me sound like a Vice President of a corporate company for while. Here it goes-

After its ( inception in the year 2004, there has been a steady growth in the page views & also its popularity. Existing clients continue to stay with us in spite of steady competition from across the globe. This shows our perseverance, our honestly towards our services, and the kindness with which we deal with our clients. There has been no cash burn in the past year, and profits have increased to a very large extent. With the media (business world) giving us the right coverage at the right time, we with conviction can say that we surely are moving in the right direction.

Mind your language, at least in India – Part 2!

When my brother in law (BIL) (now in Belgium), started his career in the IT field, he had to move to Mumbai. The only languages he knew were Tamizh and English and he was completely unaware about Hindi and Marathi – the two basic languages spoken in Mumbai. He had made a compartment friend - Mohan, who thankfully was a Tamilian born and brought up in Mumbai. They would speak in English and Tamil, and Mohan would teach him a bit of Hindi once in a while.

Mind your language, at least in India – Part 1!

India is a vast country, and I always admired its unity in diversity. Apart from the 15 important languages that are put on any Indian currency note, there should be few hundred different languages in India, and few thousand different dialects of the same. I read somewhere that in Madhya Pradesh alone - some 300 different dialects are spoken, and that the dialect changes every 10-13 kilo metres you travel! In this situation, it is really hard to miss few hilarious moments that different languages could create.

Your Questions, My Answers!

I am not a yet! But I always was a God's man. To be honest, I can forego anything to find Mr Him, if the need be. I am always thankful to Him for all that He has provided to me -my looks, my body, the girl friends, the bit of intelligence I carry, some bookish knowledge, average sense of humour, average eccentricities, and the BIG ego that helps me keep moving towards a better life. I thought why don't I club all these together and provide a service of answering your questions for which you always wanted answers for - FREE!

How death checkmates life – Part 2 - Final!

The soul always knows the life’s journey, but it is the mind that creates illusions. The soul is related to the divine, while the mind is related to the body. Mind is addicted to desires, and is always in search of better pay package, bigger house, newer car, prettier wife and better sexual life. Hence great saints say lessen your desires and you might see God. It simply means that when we are able to lessen our desires, the mind stops functioning and tries to become one with the soul. And this is the time when we start knowing the divine link in whatsoever – good or bad- is happening in our life and around us.

Here are the rest of the divine signs or events that takes place before a person dies.

How death checkmates life – Part 1!

It is almost 3 months my dad expired, and my sister is still trying to find the possible reason for his demise. Of course he had health problems since last 3 years, but then his sudden death could not be digested by her so soon. She tries to decipher - was it because the doctors didn’t tell us the seriousness of his health? Was it because he traveled a lot towards his death in spite of a weak heart? Was it because my mom delayed the night dosage of tablet by an hour? Was it because my dad sat in a full blast a/c car just 30 mns before his death? Or was it because my chart really had a bad combination for my father’s health? Had I not met my astro-spiritual teacher K Gopalakrishnan in the year 2002, I would have never been able to write this particular blog!

Confessions of a polygamous ME!

The astrologers were right, as always. All of them whom I consulted in my life said one thing in common that I will have more than one wife. And it indeed happened. Not many know about this side of me- even my parents and siblings are completely unaware about this fact. So I thought I would confess about my first marriage to my readers first, and pray that this particular blog is not read by my 2nd wife, which can put an end to my present marital life!

Why do you think Indians were termed coolies by the British people? Simply because we loved to work really hard, and were always grateful at the peanuts that their thrown to us. Old habits die hard, and the situation still remains the same. The only difference being the foreigners don’t rule us anymore, it is our in-house Corporate now. I read somewhere recently that Japan has chosen to invest in India and not in China. Indians were really happy for the same. I had only one question on my mind. Why has India not developed so much so to choose between Japan and China to invest her money, when more or else all the 3 countries were at the same position economically after the 2nd World War?

My friend/client from Bangalore working for Mindtree Consulting called me yesterday evening. He was a bit panicky over the phone. He said he spoke to Mr Anil, 36, and found that both his kidney had failed recently, and his father donated a kidney to him. He is on bed rest. No work till February 2006 - suggested the docs it seems. And according to my friend, the best results of kidney transplant can make the patient survive only for 5-6 years.

By the way who is Mr Anil?

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