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I am not a yet! But I always was a God's man. To be honest, I can forego anything to find Mr Him, if the need be. I am always thankful to Him for all that He has provided to me -my looks, my body, the girl friends, the bit of intelligence I carry, some bookish knowledge, average sense of humour, average eccentricities, and the BIG ego that helps me keep moving towards a better life. I thought why don't I club all these together and provide a service of answering your questions for which you always wanted answers for - FREE!

No. It is not about providing Free Astrological Service. When it comes to astrology, I am a bit serious about the same, and I hate freeloaders. This is a forum, where in you can ask any questions related or unrelated to- religion, spirituality, sex, relationships, and everything you can think about under the sun - EXCEPT ASTROLOGY I repeat EXCEPT ASTROLOGY. And with my limited knowledge I have gained in my life so far, I would answer them honestly or dishonestly. My answers could be - average, bad, good, ugly, serious, nasty & dirty (not in that order necessarily). You can mail me your queries to, or post your question as a comment, or SMS your questions to my mobile (92813 09013). If you want your identity to remain confidential, then it surely will be kept that way.

(The selection of questions is a sole discretion of


Q23) Why isn't violence preached?
A23) It is preached. They either are called freedom fighters or they are called the military officers.

Q22) Why Hindu worship male organ (black idol, I don't know this idol name)
A22) Yeah it is Lord Shiva. People in India worship Shiva Linga (Linga in Sanskrit means male genital). In fact the idol that people worship is the male organ, which is attached to the vagina, which happens to be Shiva's wife Parvathi. From outside it looks absurd, but it has hidden meanings. Sex always plays an important role in elevating your consciousness. For any person to try evolving his soul, he has to have complete control on his sexual energy. It is this sexual energy that is converted and used up in elevating the inner aatma to sublime into the parmatma. The sex dictionary Kama Sutra produced in India has all the positions that were in fact tried by Lord Shiva and Parvathi.


Q21) I am confused about your last article of abstinence of lord? Why should one go on abstinence to worship GOD?
A21) Self torture is one way of reaching God, and all the religions have stressed on this point. Self torture should be a decision taken by the person who wants to seek divine help, and should not be forced upon anyone. That way a person is able to visualize God, and could relate to hiself to the divinity. In Hinduism it is abstinence for Lord Ayyappa, in Islam people hurt themselves with knives during Moharam and also go on 'Roza' during Ramzan (fasting is one kind of abstinence too), and in Christianity there is something called lent, which happens before Easter.

Q20) Why there are so many Gods in Hinduism? Don't they fight?
A20) Human emotions and needs keep changing with time to time. And in Hinduism, there are different Gods to meet all these different emotions and needs. It was just to make the concept of God easier for the human minds. For instance - if you don't have kids pray to Baby Krishna, if you don't have a good job then pray to lord Dakshnimoorty, and if you want money pray to Goddess Lakshmi...they are just subjective, ultimately they all dissolve in one unity, which Islam preaches as the formless God.


Q19) Why Hindus worship idols? How can idols be GOD?
A19) Logically any photo is a magnetic paper on which colour is displayed. Then why does a man get an instant erection when he sees a photo of Jennifer Lopez's butt? The thing is Human mind tries to connect to the unknown which is possibly felt through our senses - like eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and touch. (Will blog about this topic elaborately very soon)

Q18) Why students wear black dress with black cap on the day of getting degree all over the world?
A18) To suggest that the 'student' in them is dead today, and from now on they will exist as peers, colleagues, acquaintances and corporate politicians.


Q17)What is the difference between meditation and concentration?
A17)There is only a minor difference. If you meditate, you can concentrate better, and if you concentrate you can 'NEVER' meditate.


Q16)Is it true that behind every successful man there is a woman?
A16) It is very much true. 'Behind' every successful man there is a woman, and it is also true that there are many women 'after' a successful man.


Q 15)Why should a man have only one wife?
A 15)Because it will be too difficult for a single man to handle two different problems at the same time.

Q 14) Is pre-marital sex supposed to be bringing about negative karma and add sins to one's life? Is it true that it is considered to be an even bigger sin than murder??
A 14) No Hindu scriptures says so. In fact most religion talk just about sex, they never treated premarital, marital and post marital sex differently. One of Christianity's 10 commandments says 'Do Not Commit Adultery', but then Kama Sutra (the sex book claimed to have been dictated by Lord Shiva to Vatyasamana) gives tips to woo your neighbour's wife. Sex becomes a hindrance if you choose spirituality as your life's path. For rest of the material goals, sex doesn't create any problems. Just see to it that you never get caught red handed.


Q13) What should I do to see God?
A13) You need to close your eyes.

Q12) Why are Blue Films called so, when there is nothing blue about it?
A12) The term blue film was derived from word blue print, which the architects use. Blue print essentially is a document, where in everything is shown outright & clearly. And you know what is shown explicitly in a blue film.

(Here is what a doctor has to say about the same, who is not happy with my reasoning -


About the "Blue film" etymology............

You must know that there are two kinds of cells in Retina, Rods and Cones....... and of these rods ar for dark vision and cones for colour vision.
And the pigment in Rod, called Rhodopsin has peak sensitivity to light at 505 nm.....
In short, when it is bright, you see articles in their original color and when the light is fading away, any article (or landscape) get a blue tinge towards it....
Thus any film shot with poor lighting will appear a bit more blue......
This is a explanation from the scientific point of view.....

And if you want an astrological explanation as to why porno movies were called blue films, I presume that the colour associated with Venus is Blue, Am I right ???


Dr.J.Mariano Anto Bruno Mascarenhas.

Well Dr Bruno, I am yet to watch a porn movie, which is shot in poor lighting.

Q11) Can destiny be won over by free will?
A11) You surely can, if you are destined to do so.

Q10) What is the difference between a normal man and a Godman?
A10) The normal man would say he is responsible for everything that happens in and around his life, while Godman would say he is 'NOT' responsible for anything that happens in and around his life.

Here are few sample questions and answers to them -


Q9) What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree?
A9) Hang onto your nuts this aint no ordinary blow job. (this is a joke and honestly not mine)

Q8) Are marriages made in heaven?
A8) Of course they are. Heaven functions till the knot is tied later most marriages go through hell.

Q7) Is anal sex advisable?
A7) Yes it is, but not for women.

Q6) I am totally confused. I have been sleeping with my husband and also a friend of his, without his knowledge, for few months now. What should I do?
A6) Convince at least one of them to wear a condom compulsorily so that you don't have another confusion coming in the next 9 months.

Q5) Why do you think India is a good country?
A5) 99 per cent of Indians suffer from PPS (problems in perception syndrome). This psychological problem gives you the inability to differentiate between the good and the bad.

Q4) Why do Muslims pray 5 times a day?
A4) Muslims pray ONLY 5 times a day, because they have other things to do in their lives.

Q3) In spite of being a bird why can't hen fly?
A3) Just because why Sumos cannot sleep over woman and also have sex. They are too heavy for the equipment they have been provided with.

Q2) What should I do to improve my meditation?
A2) Stop asking questions.

Q1) What will happen to JJ in her next birth?
A1) There won't be any major change in her personality. She will posses an extra organ - tail, and will be donated to a temple (karma always works).


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