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Education for my children!

Confucius beautifully said, “don’t do things, which you don’t like to be done upon you.” I hated to go to school, I hated to carry the heavy load of books behind my back, I hated the home works, I hated mugging up things, I hated examinations, and I hated teachers being extra good to students who scored more than rest of the students. Hence long back I had decided that I won’t be sending my children to school, if this continues to remain the pattern of education. Education of course is necessary for children, but it need not happen in schools - It can happen at home too.

My experiences with Westerners - part 2!

I myself am not a patriot, and I would be the last person to kill someone, who lives across LoC, just because his national flag is designed differently. This particular incident happened when I attended a flag hoisting ceremony on 15th August last year in my niece’s school. She studies in a Montessori school, based in Chennai. One of her classmates happens to be an 8-year-old American. I saw her being accompanied by her mom, and more than anyone else her mom was very excited about the Indian flag being pinned rightly on her daughter’s black frock. She would very well have skipped the function as she had enough reason to do so - she belonged to a different nationality altogether. But still she attended it just to show her level of participation and acceptance of a different culture. Unlike Indians who crave to go to the West to make some extra dollars, and after going there behave more Indians than the Indians in India.

My experience with Westerners – part 1!

Our thoughts & perceptions about anyone or any subject gets decided with the very first experience we have with them. Later it takes a lot of unlearning on our part to see and accept the other side of the coin, which is totally opposite to what we had perceived previously. That way the first Western woman I saw in my life was in the movie called Gold Finger, starred by James Bond. All I thought about them was they always dress skimpy, they have sex with anyone, anytime, and that family comes last to them.

Pushing life to the last minute!

I was just wondering - why these terrorists and suicide bombers always carry a pill of KCN (Potassium Cyanide) when they are so damn sure that their death could come any time. It was later I realized that they don’t carry the pill just to kill themselves, but then to push themselves to the last minute before they take the BIG decision of biting the capsule. It is a simple example of living life dangerously and to push your luck to the last minute - because you never know how your life could change drastically in fraction of seconds!

Mail addressed to Mr R Ramaraj MD, Sify.com

(If wrong things are criticized, good things have to be appreciated. I had sent a complaint mail to R Ramaraj, MD, Sify, after 3 days of struggle with service engineers directly. To my surprise I got a call from the Sify office within 12 hours, and the person over the phone promised to set my internet right before 1 pm. And as promised he sent across his service engineer and got my connection rectified. It was indeed fast!)

Dear Mr R Ramaraj,

I live in Velacherry, and have a Sify Broadband connection at home. And I am typing this mail sitting at my Sister’s place in Adyar at 8 pm to upload my stuff on the Internet, who uses BSNL broadband. The simple reason being your connection ain’t working for me for the last 3 days. And this repeats exactly after a fortnight.

I felt like a ‘real’ journo today!

I have done my Masters in Mass Communication & Journalism – not out of special interest, but then it just happened. Fresh out of the college and after all those internships, initially I had this burning desire to become a hardcore journalist. I indeed was interested in a career that is accepted as the fourth estate of the society, which can bring a lot of changes in the lives of mankind. But having subjected to the media hypocrisy and few incidents where in particular news were manipulated just to avoid rubbing the wrong shoulders of corporate advertisers - I had decided that this ain’t my area.

Who the ‘fuck’ gave you the authority?

India probably is the only country where any rational choot and illiterate bastard can escape uncastrated after throwing false allegation on saintly people who try to bring the smallest change in the society with their love for humanity – and the latest target being Baba Ramdev. The present allegations are that his medicines contains animal or / and human bones, which they anyways have refused to accept. Ok, for the time being let us assume that it indeed contains animal bones or human bones - so? Did that affect the sentiments of fucking vegetarian group of people? Mr and Ms Vegetarian – do you know the polio vaccine that we administer on us and kids is cultured on Monkey’s kidneys? If you are so conscious about your vegetarianism kindly stop using polio vaccine on yourself and also on the younger generation to come!

The people I try to copy & imitate!

When I close my eyes, and turn inwards to ask myself, “so Kennedi, what is that you are carrying an ego about? What is so original about yourself & your being?” My conscience, a bit dejected, replies back – there is nothing. All that I do, I know, and the stuff I let others know is borrowed from people I have got influenced immensely in my life. Here is the list of people whom I try to enact and would love to imitate…

How to choose a technological gadget!

If I were to take a complete sanyas from life, I just need to forego 2 important things in life - firstly my wild sexual fantasies about women, and secondly my passion about owning an electronic gadget. Choosing an electronic gadget is like choosing a woman for marriage. When you are young, dynamic, and have just decided to get married, your expectations are really high, and you would want to possess the best that is available in the market. That way, when I planned to get married, I very badly wanted to marry film star Kajol!

Kashtam-err care!

I was unable to upload my blog for the last three days, and the due credit goes to Sify Broadband (or as rightly said by one of the existing Sify employees as Sify Fraudband)! On January 2nd my internet connection got this problem of connecting for 5 minutes and then disconnecting for another 10 minutes. I was able to complete two online astro chats in this scenario – and I indeed need to thank the clients for the patience portrayed. I called Sify on the 3rd evening, and they acted promptly. Previously it was connecting for 5 minutes, and after the call was made it stopped connecting completely. And here is the chat transcript of ‘peaceful’ conversation, which took place between me and few customer care people…

Striptease – ekdam Indian ishtyle!

If you are not open to know few unheard things that happen in our country, kindly stop reading this particular blog.

One of my closest relatives living in a distant land went to a striptease recently. And his wife wasn’t upset a bit (at least she sounded cool to me). And my alter ego immediately pondered - why are these Western countries so sick when it comes to sexuality! That particular feeling existed just for few microseconds, before I honestly asked myself. Wouldn’t you enjoy the same if you were put in some Western country? And the answer was obviously YES! Until & unless people work on their sexual energy completely through meditation, none would be able to resist the energy a nude blonde would emanate!

A Very Happy New Year To You And Your Family!

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