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A stunt that backfired!

One of my aunts committed suicide last week. She consumed some pesticide available from agri stores. This was not the first time she had attempted to end her life. She had consumed poison a couple of times earlier too. But during the last couple of times she indeed wanted to kill herself, and this time she just wanted to create a scene and stop an important event – which indeed backfired!

Darshan of His Holiness Shri Sathya Sai Baba – part 2!

Enlightened souls are like energy reservoirs. They channel divine energy, store them in their Holy presence, and give it out when there is an acute need. It is similar to how dams function. When there are heavy rains - water is stored in the dam and later the water is used for various purposes – right from rotating the turbine to extract electricity or for irrigational purposes. Similarly when a person is showered with God’s blessings, he sometimes stores the same in Him to lift his soul or tries to give it out to others depending on individual’s need.

Darshan of His Holiness Shri Sathya Sai Baba – part 1

Few say he is a child molester. Some say he keeps small balls of vibhuti (holy ash) hidden in his hand, and breaks them using his fingers to shower vibhuti from his empty hands. And few say David Copperfield is a better illusionists than Sai Baba, when it comes to materializing Gold chain from thin air is concerned. But who cares? The number of people flocking to see Sathya Sai Baba has never reduced in spite of these controversies. One should always try to have first hand experience with these Godmen, before they form a general perception about them. I have witnessed enough miracles unfolding in my life through Sathya Sai Baba that made me believe in Him one hundred per cent. I trust in him so much so that even if Baba himself comes in front me to say that the aforesaid accusations against Him are true – I won’t believe Him. I would think may be He is just checking the amount of trust & faith I have in Him!

Askenni.com's wishes for Valentine's Day

Askenni wishes one and all a very Happy and love-filled Valentine's Day. Spread love not AIDS!

“I think I trust your astrological capabilities now,” whispered my wife from behind when we were riding our bike on the busy roads of Chennai. I have been practicing and predicting since the year 2002, and it took my wife 4 long years to acknowledge that astrology works and that I can do decent predictions. Not her fault though, human mind needs practical examples and real life incidents to unfold in front of their own eyes before they start believing things they hate to accept. (Well I am really not sure how come so many science graduates believe in the presence of electrons in spite of having no chance of getting to see them with their own naked eyes).

Case 1

“How sure are you about my trip to the US tonight?” asked one of my astro clients working for Infosys a couple of weeks back. He had consulted me before, and astrologically I had told him that he definitely will be flying abroad in the coming months. The reason for his panicky question was because he had lost an important Visa related document and wasn’t sure whether he will be allowed to board the night’s flight to the US, though he had photo copies of the original documents!

No comments, please!

I remember playing this communication game in school days where children are asked to sit in a circle and then asked to pass on the word that was prompted to them by the first person. In most cases the word would lose its correct pronunciation, & also the meaning when it passes on to the last person. That is true with words and also with silence. Many a time even mere silence is interpreted or misinterpreted in million different ways.

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