Darshan of His Holiness Shri Sathya Sai Baba – part 2!

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Enlightened souls are like energy reservoirs. They channel divine energy, store them in their Holy presence, and give it out when there is an acute need. It is similar to how dams function. When there are heavy rains - water is stored in the dam and later the water is used for various purposes – right from rotating the turbine to extract electricity or for irrigational purposes. Similarly when a person is showered with God’s blessings, he sometimes stores the same in Him to lift his soul or tries to give it out to others depending on individual’s need.

My sister had already booked the tickets to B’lore, and on the same day she was vacating her house, as she is all set to fly off to Belgium. The Shatabdi had to leave Chennai central at 5.30 pm, and at 4.40 pm we were still at Velacherry (15 kms away from the station). Plying by any vehicle at this peak hours will at least take 45 mns and that too if there were no traffic. We had rented an Ambassador car for vacating the flat, which we eventually used to get dropped at the railway station. And you know the speed at which an Amby moves in a busy traffic.

I had lost the hope of reaching the station on time. The traffic was really getting worse, and we already got stuck a couple of times at signals. The driver said – pray that the next 3 signals should be free, or it will be difficult. My sister said, “don’t you think they are bad signs already, when we want to have a darshan of Baba?” I said, “let us wait and see.” Just then a Sumo over took us, which had a sticker behind it with the image of Satya Sai Baba blessing – Om Sri Sai Ram. Huh! Well all cars have one or the other, what is the big deal? I was just praying – “Baba will we make it?” Another vehicle over took us – this car had a rare combination – Om Sai Ram, written on the image of Lord Narayana! I immediately thought – we will reach. And to our astonishment – we didn’t get caught anywhere in between. The routes were clear right from Saidapet to Chennai Central! In fact we reached the station at 5.15 pm, 15 mns prior to the departure of the train.

We booked a hotel in Bangalore, and reached White Field the next day morning at 7.30 am. The queue was perfectly maintained, and there were separate queues for men and women. Makes immense sense – if women were made to sit near men, men would think more about women than the Godmen I am sure!

Most were clad in white, and the crowd was handled perfectly. At around 10 am, few young students filled the atmosphere with some enchanting bhajans. It was time for Baba’s arrival I guessed. At around 10.45 am Baba clad in his orange robe came on to the stage. He was accompanied by 2 of his students. Baba was very weak, feeble and could hardly walk and balance himself. He stood there in absolute silence, and asked the bhajan troup to sing a particular bhajan. After 10 minutes or so, Baba returned to his rest room.

It is not always that people like Sathya Sai Baba are born on the planet who decide to dedicate their lives for the betterment of people and society – immaterial of caste, creed, nationality and gender. Of course controversies are always associated with these Godmen. And the media will always treat them as dirt. Even Jesus Christ had his set of controversies with him. But then the point is – how well we use the opportunity of their presence to make our lives better.

For me, darshan of His Holiness Shri Satya Sai Baba was an out of the world experience. And it was like one of my dreams coming true after a decade! Looking at Baba, I honestly don’t think He will survive for long now. He might kick his skeletal frame any time, so if you have any plans to see him in person – don’t wait, make it fast!

Om Sri Sai Ram!

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