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Beware of evangelists!

“Masturbation is a sin and I am sure you do it everyday”, prompted someone from behind. My friend got a shock of his life. Not because the person from the back guessed it right, but because he was talking about sex wearing a rosary around the neck and holding a bible in his hands. He was a protestant evangelist just preaching what he thought was right – Jesus the ‘only’ way, as if all the other enlightened souls who lived on the planet were mere fools.

Where do we wrong?

If I were to be asked, which part of my life was the best so far – I undoubtedly would say my college and hostel days. There was no jealousy, there was no back biting, there were no politics, there were no expectations, there were no fights, and there were no worries. All existed as equals, and all had only one purpose – CELEBRATE life! We ideally are told that we study to make our lives better and get educated to live a happier and wholesome life. But I personally feel we somewhere lose the track completely and in the process of moving towards a superior life we indulge in all kinds of struggle, fights, & stress – making our lives worse. And what’s the end result? The fun an evening cutting tea with friends used to give when in college is unequalled in spite of being able to earn in thousands! So where do we wrong?

So what’s paravertebral muscle spasm?!!

Last 20 days were really bad. It was like my (s)exciting life had come to a standstill. Whether it is about Bush’s visit to India or it was about Indian cricket series with England – nothing affected me. It is true that all the problems of the world look trivial, when you are down with ill health. After my trip to B’lore, I was completely exhausted, and was told to have low blood pressure and weakness. To be honest more than the disease it is the fear of disease that affects you the most. You can make a cancer patient live a couple of years more without telling him his problem than by honestly letting him know about his ailment is.

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