Where do we wrong?

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If I were to be asked, which part of my life was the best so far – I undoubtedly would say my college and hostel days. There was no jealousy, there was no back biting, there were no politics, there were no expectations, there were no fights, and there were no worries. All existed as equals, and all had only one purpose – CELEBRATE life! We ideally are told that we study to make our lives better and get educated to live a happier and wholesome life. But I personally feel we somewhere lose the track completely and in the process of moving towards a superior life we indulge in all kinds of struggle, fights, & stress – making our lives worse. And what’s the end result? The fun an evening cutting tea with friends used to give when in college is unequalled in spite of being able to earn in thousands! So where do we wrong?

I was called for a talk show on astrology at Asian College of Jouranalism Chennai – a.k.a. ACJ Chennai today. Initially I thought that they wanted me to address a group of people for live discussion (which I would have loved), but then it was for their inhouse TV program called ‘Good Morning Chennai.’ It is in fact part of their assignments, and they handled it as efficiently as any show that is shown on NDTV or other news channels. The program is shot, edited, and recorded by the students using equipment provided by the institute itself, which was quite impressive to be watched.

Interacting with students is always fun. Being with these young and energetic students for an hour of so took my memories a decade back where I could see myself brimming with confidence doing my Mass Communication in the mid-90s. I rarely would have had a moment of distress or unhappiness. And happiness was a natural phenomenon which came effortlessly. But today, I guess I try to find happiness in many things – even in God. Where have we gone wrong? Who made our lives miserable?

More than anything else, I loved the energy these young college students were emanating. At any given point all had only one thought on top of their mind that they should perform well, and they should bring the best out of them. And I also could witness perfect team effort happening – right from their producer fixing me for the show to the escort they send to pick me up. There were no ego clashes and everyone did their part with immense interest and involvement. Where do we go wrong when we become part of any corporate company later in our lives? Where do this interest, involvement and FUN in working vanish? Why is there so much of unhappiness among people? Why is that the HR guys have to break their heads to entertain their employees? Is money the problem creator? Or it is because we have forgotten to see happiness in small things in life? Or is it because we have stopped making friends or stopped being a good friend after our college days? And why on earth have we stopped celebrating life? And the million dollar question is - How Do We Celebrate Life? Is happiness & celebration hidden in few bottles of beer or it is outside them. Where do we go wrong? Let’s ponder…..

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