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Two lives that amused me recently!

Most of us don’t know what exactly are we supposed to do in life? Is money our final goal or flying abroad is our only dream. Or it is just visiting many countries to make money, or is it buying a 2 bed room flat in a posh locality. The rich become richer with no efforts of their own, and the poor get benefited by the government as always, and it is the middle class who are conditioned by the society to slog their butts and die with the hope of becoming filthy rich some day – and which never happens. Blessed are those who understand the uselessness of money sooner in their lives, and have the guts to dedicate their lives to something they love – how much ever small work it is or how much ever less money it gives.

Who will be the next Tamil Nadu CM?

Mundane astrology (prediction for worldly events) is not easy. For a constructor it is like the difference between building an individual house and building a multiplex. And for a doctor it is like sewing few stitches in a cut finger and attending on a major heart transplant. The risks are comparatively more, and the credibility of the professional is at stake. The multiplex may collapse or the patient may die or the astrologer can completely wrong. If the astrologer is right in his prediction the people would say, “huh, big deal. Even I knew that.” And if the astrologer is wrong, people would say, “he he the astrologer has gone wrong”- in any case there is no good news for the astrologer who predicts.

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