Who will be the next Tamil Nadu CM?

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Mundane astrology (prediction for worldly events) is not easy. For a constructor it is like the difference between building an individual house and building a multiplex. And for a doctor it is like sewing few stitches in a cut finger and attending on a major heart transplant. The risks are comparatively more, and the credibility of the professional is at stake. The multiplex may collapse or the patient may die or the astrologer can completely wrong. If the astrologer is right in his prediction the people would say, “huh, big deal. Even I knew that.” And if the astrologer is wrong, people would say, “he he the astrologer has gone wrong”- in any case there is no good news for the astrologer who predicts.

Tamil Nadu elections are at the corner, and already back biting, back stabbing, dishonestly, and criticism by the partymen for the coveted seat finds itself at its peak. Sharath Kumar joins AIADMK and says he got threatening call from DMK for doing so. Another grape wine is Sharath Kumar had some 20 crores loan, and JJ promised to wipe off 10 crore if he joins her party.

MDMK leader Vaiko shamelessly joins AIADMK and goes ahead criticizing DMK leader Karunanidhi – all is well in the dirty Indian politics provided your party gets enough seats to contest from. Democracy at end of the day is choosing the better rascal from the lot.

The number game says DMK would win the election, and also few astrologers have predicted the same. The exit poll shows DMK a bit stronger in comparison to AIADMK. And none can guess what the people would decide on the day of election.

Tsunami was a blessing in disguise for JJ. She could prove her love to her people by providing them with enough amenities at the right time. And what DMK could do was only criticize her.

Well all these political moves are irrelevant when it comes to predicting about the next CM of Tamil Nadu.

I don’t have madam JJ’s actual natal chart, hence tried doing a Tarot Reading for her. The cards that flashed were really positive and according to my astrological prediction – J. Jayalalitha will continue to be the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Let us wait and see…

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