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It’s fucking hilarious?!

It was Osho’s books and audio cassettes that got me into spirituality. His books answered lots of my inner quests, and his views transformed many of my preconceived notions and thoughts. His meditation techniques are still considered to be the best among the lot available, and people like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or Juggi Vasudev or Swami Sukhobonanda are mere copy cats of him. Osho existed much ahead of his times - like most original thinkers do. And he died much early too, thanks to the then US President Ronald Regan. Out of his 80 and odd books on spirituality, only one book was written on sex, ‘From Sex to Super Consciousness’, and ironically that was the most sold title!

Gone are the days of loyalties

Long long ago…may be 20 years back, people used to love flaunting about their loyalties towards the companies they worked for. For them their years of services in a particular firm were like medals on their chest. The more the years one spent in one firm, more the merrier he or she was. The rule of life was get a secured job (mostly a government job), get married, buy a house on instalment, have children, compromise on all personal happiness, ignore family, slog your butt off at work, watch one movie a month, retire with a flower garland, and spend rest of the life thinking did I waste my life?

I was a major flop in the corporate world. Though I never bothered about the money I used to make, as no money could solve all the problems of our lives, still I used to get a lot jealous, when I saw people with less talent, less educational qualification, less potential and less experience being awarded with promotions and more salaries. Of course the first vital reason was being good to your boss and second was to know, “how good are you at bargaining salaries!”

….with time….

“The ‘fear’ of an uncertain tomorrow is worse than uncertainties itself”, said one of my friends, and how true he was. Fear subsides with time, and you grow and mature with every passing day – by God’s grace I am a panel astrologer on too (’s astro portal) & (Greynium Information Technologies' Portal) . With time even your hair grows a lot. Here is how I look these days.
I had many doubts and fear about my future when I was planning to quit my IT profession, and start with an altogether new profession from scratch.

I am for reservations!

Let us not talk about the forward community people who are economically backward. And let us also not talk about the backward community people who are economically forward. Let us talk only about the major chunk of the society where most of the forward community people are well off and backward community people are still struggling for their livelihood. Agreed that providing reservations on the basis of mere caste (which primarily was associated with the work anyone did) is not a good idea. But then what if particular castes were never allowed to come up in their lives due to suppression from the forward caste people and that they were deprived of good things in life forcefully for 100s of years in India.

DMK wins, I lose!

The Tamil Nadu elections’ results are out, and M Karunanidhi has been sworn in as the new Chief Minister. That is exactly opposite to what I had predicted a couple of weeks back. I had predicted that JJ will continue to the chief minister, and my prediction is completely wrong. Most astrologers had predicted DMK’s victory, and very few including me had predicted the opposite. My teacher K Gopalakrishnan ( had predicted DMK’s victory much before the mouth watering and election-winning schemes of colour TVs, free land, and Rs 2 per kg rice were announced by them. A teacher remains a teacher!

Beat the heat!

NDTV’s special on how to beat the heat this summer said invest in an air conditioner. This is similar to saying eat cakes when you don’t your daily bread. I am sure people dying due to heat waves in India aren’t the ones who died just because they missed to invest in an a/c. But they are the ones who don’t even have a house to live in. India is not about IT professionals who work in centralized a/c office environment but India is about people who toil under the scorching sun to win their daily breads. Here are few olden and cheaper ways to save yourself from the hot sun.

Tamil Nadu goes to election – Happy Voting!

I personally don’t believe in democracy, and long time back I had decided not to vote and I still stick to my vow. Of course as an Indian citizen it is my duty to cast my vote, but I don’t consider myself belonging to any country as such – but would love to exist as a world citizen. Tamil Nadu goes to elections today, and this has been an election of freebees so far. DMK promises rice for Rs 2, free Colour TV for have nots, 2 acres of land for landless farmers while AIADMK promises free 10 kgs rice, free computers for 12th pass students, and 4 gms gold for poor marriages. Of course the election agendas are much more but then why only agendas that cater to poor people get highlighted always?

Naadi astrologer’s address - Try for yourself!

After reading yesterday’s blog about Naadi astrology few argued with me on Yahoo Messenger, few asked for their address, and few kept mum. The one who argued didn’t have any valid points to prove their stand. Hence ultimately I still remain clueless about Naadi astrologer’s accuracy in telling the past with specific names. In future if you can figure out the technique of predicting (or guessing as few scientific minds would say) the past and also the future just by taking the thumb impression, do let me know – we can make it a multi million business ;). Well before I provide you the address of Naadi astrologer in Tambaram, Chennai, let me tell you guys that I don’t get any commission for promoting them. And the fact remains that they hardly know me.

I am flabbergasted completely!

My name is Kennedi, and I was born to Mr P Gopalan and S Malini (my mother's name was changed after marriage she was Roseline Mary prior to marriage). My parents had an inter-caste and inter-religious marriage. I got married to someone by the name *******. This is the first time in life I am revealing these specific details to the world. Now what if, someone in Tambaram Chennai, tells me all these details of mine (with EXACT names) right on bull's eye by just taking my right hand thumb impression!

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