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Black Magic – part 3!

“What all can you do with Black Magic?” I asked my father just 2 months before his demise. He said he has a book, which has few mantras – one to remove Black Magic spell on others, a mantra to save the fields from attacks of rats, and a mantra to silent the dogs from barking! As usual my mom had a hearty laugh. But in life I have never seen my dad lying to us. And why would he lie to me when I was 31 years of age. In fact when young, he used to do the magic on the paddy fields to keep the rodents away – just for pocket money!

Black Magic – part 2

We grope in the physical level of existence. While there are many other levels of existence where miraculous things happen day in and day out. You need not necessarily hurt someone physically to induce pain on him/her. Just abuse them using foul languages – and you would see that you have succeeded. That is what happens when controversial movies are released. These movies don’t affect you on the physical level, but they affect you on the mental level, your sentiments – thus creating anger and disgust. Now there are other levels of consciousness on which Black Magic works, and they are essentially the spiritual & the astral levels.

Black Magic – part 1!

What we know need not be true, what we don’t know need not be false!

I probably was 10 years old then. Unlike on other days, my dad was a bit restless and more brisk after reaching home from a long day work at the office. He would normally rest watching the TV, but that day his energy was a bit different. His expressions showed that he had some important job in the night. He took a bath, applied a paste of vibhuti and sandal on his forehead, and asked me for the compass we normally have in a geometric box. He pulled a thin sheet of copper from his pockets, and marked few symbols on them using the pointed needle. He then opened an old notebook kept on the table, in which mantras were written in Malayalam. My mom being a hardcore Christian never wanted me to do things or learn things that my father was adept at –astrology, ayurveda and removal of Black Magic!

'Atmosphere' - no bags, no exams, no headaches!

The time has come. My first daughter G K Tejeswini is nearing 4, and people have started asking her few common questions - which school do you go? Do you know nursery rhymes? Do you know how to count? Do you know the English letters A, B, C, D....and I say, she has not started going to the school. With surprise they ask - why haven't you put her in any school as yet? And I need to answer them now - that my daughters won't go to the school!

Is it free will or is it destiny? This is an unending debate. The people who suffer in spite of hard work think life is destined. They understand their limitations sooner or later that they cannot change their life pattern. And the egoistic people who think they are responsible for all their actions think life is all about free will. And that you have the power to change your fate – how foolish they are! If the latter is true – I am sure that no auto rickshaw driver wants to live and die as an auto rickshaw driver. Even they would have thought about becoming the Prime Minister or President of a country at least a Super Star in the movie industry. What went wrong? May be they didn’t put their effort in the right direction! Well even Abdul Kalam wanted to become a pilot it seems, and later ender up becoming a scientist and now a President! What does that mean? Does that mean Abdul Kalam’s life unfolded through his free will or he was destined to become the President of India? Or was it because Abdul Kalam didn’t put the right effort to become a pilot hence became the President of India?!

So kind of you….

Here are few interesting comments I got from people who read my irregularly updated blog…..regularly…

A mail from Nadi Astrologer, Tambaram (small world)

Dear Sir,

We thank you very much for the favourable and the fabulous comments that you have made about our office at Tambaram Chennai.

Cure yourself – part 2

Human body has a natural device of curing itself from most diseases. And fever is an inbuilt defense mechanism that rises our body temperature to put an end to the trouble causing micro organism. But when the body temperature keeps increasing or goes beyond a certain point – it proves fatal in some cases. Hence fever in one way is good – it makes you take rest, and also does the cleansing from the inside.

Cure yourself – part 1!

“Doctors have almost unhinged (confused) us. Sometimes I think that quacks are better than highly qualified doctors. Hospitals are institutions for propagating sin. For the sake of a mistaken care of the human body, they kill annually thousands of animals. They practice vivisection. No religion sanctions this. These doctors violate our religious instinct. Most of their medical preparations contain either animal fat or spirituous liquors – both of these are tabooed by Hindus and Mahommedans. We may pretend to be civilized, call religious prohibition a superstition and wantonly indulge in what we like. The fact remains that doctors induce us to indulge, and the result is that we have become deprived of self-control and have become effeminate. To study European medicine is to deepen our slavery.”

Movies, politicians and the controversies!

The latest Pope says, “ban on religious conversion in India is unconstitutional.” He has all the rights to say what he feels is right. But whether what he says is right or wrong is quite debatable, and is left to individuals to decide. You cannot run to shut Pope’s mouth even before he utters his thoughts, saying what you are going to say can or might affect religious sentiments in India, and lead to bloodsheds and violence. If the Pope, as an individual, has all the rights to comment on Indian policies about conversion even without knowing the ground realities, why can’t Indians (whether they follow Christianity, or Hinduism or Islam) have the right to watch something that has been captured on the camera for viewing pleasure? The Da Vinci Code – if a movie can affect your belief systems, then there is something wrong in the belief system and not in the movie!

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