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The time has come. My first daughter G K Tejeswini is nearing 4, and people have started asking her few common questions - which school do you go? Do you know nursery rhymes? Do you know how to count? Do you know the English letters A, B, C, D....and I say, she has not started going to the school. With surprise they ask - why haven't you put her in any school as yet? And I need to answer them now - that my daughters won't go to the school!

It is my personal philosophy that the present education system of memorizing things and reproducing them in 10th or 12th exams can produce only mediocre. Education pulls out whatever guts an individual has in him, and makes him dumber. There is a special reason why Govt tries to give free education to people. So that when they are grown up, they don't know any skills of their own, and later beg the government for employment. This way the Govt can have everybody working for them 7 days a month - in the form of 33 per cent tax they collect from them!

If the present education system can give success, then Sachin Tendulkar should have done his PhD in Physics, and not a person who flunked in the 12th standard. Or for that matter Salman Khan wouldn't be called for prize distribution ceremonies in any educational institute - who himself failed in the 10th standard 4 times. And I hardly know anyone who is successful or is considered successful - based on his educational qualification.

We are conditioned to move on only one track - go to school, get good marks in 10th, then again get good marks in 12th, and get a seat in Engineering or Medical colleges. And the students who cannot memorize well, end up doing their degrees, and PGs. Later they hunt for jobs, and get exploited from 9 am to 9 pm in the hope of a better tomorrow and a better pay package! What have we gained in the process? We have made ourselves slaves in the hands of Americans. We have ignored our health and started working in graveyard shifts - just for few dollars more! Honestly I don't want my daughters to follow suit!

I completed my B Sc., Chemistry in the year 1995. And we used to have this experiment called 'titration' - where in we need to find the exact point, where an acid neutralizes a base. It is 2006, now the present students of Chemistry are following the same technique of titration - where in they suck base through pipette, fill the burette with acid, add a catalyst, and keep shaking the conical flask to find the neutralization point. And one of my professors told me that, Americans have found a machine for titration a couple of decades back - this was told to me in the year 1993. And in India we are still traveling by bullock carts!!

Just complaining about the system doesn't solve any problems. Someone should start it somewhere, and I thought I will start - at least with my own daughters. I am not against education I am against the system of education. Children indeed need education - but in the way they want it, and not in the way government wants it.

My basic idea is to make them adept in at least 3 languages, and later they can use the same to gain whatever knowledge they want from various sources available - including the Internet. They will learn skills, which also includes - cooking. I would hate to hear from my daughter if she comes home after completing her MSC nutrition, and tells me that knows to make sambar, which she can very well learn from her Mother in 1 day!

So what have I planned - I am starting a school with only 2 students - my own daughters and I have named the school as 'Atmosphere' - no bags, no exams, no headaches. They won't be made to memorize things, and education will be a natural process for them. The school will focus also on spiritual growth - but nothing will be forced or made compulsory. The school will focus on creating individuals and not mediocre. The students will be taught many skills, which include, music, arts, dancing et al, so that they don't beg for jobs when they are through. The school will produce rebels, and not obedient people!

This school is also open for other students too. For students whose parents don't force their children to perform well in 10th or 12th or any other government run board exams. The students studying in 'Atmosphere' - will never write their 10th or 12th exams, and will yet be successful.

And now the money part - anyone who wants to contribute to this system of education, can contribute whatever is possible. It can be in the form of books, support, and money. The minimum donation is Re 1, and the maximum is your choice.

(The activities of Atmosphere will be updated in this particular section)

Kindly mail me at kennedig@yahoo.com for further details.


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