Black Magic – part 1!

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What we know need not be true, what we don’t know need not be false!

I probably was 10 years old then. Unlike on other days, my dad was a bit restless and more brisk after reaching home from a long day work at the office. He would normally rest watching the TV, but that day his energy was a bit different. His expressions showed that he had some important job in the night. He took a bath, applied a paste of vibhuti and sandal on his forehead, and asked me for the compass we normally have in a geometric box. He pulled a thin sheet of copper from his pockets, and marked few symbols on them using the pointed needle. He then opened an old notebook kept on the table, in which mantras were written in Malayalam. My mom being a hardcore Christian never wanted me to do things or learn things that my father was adept at –astrology, ayurveda and removal of Black Magic!

I knew this guy since childhood. He was a very hardworking person, and my dad had got him a job in the MTNL – Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited. All was well, when suddenly one day he started suffering from an unusual health problem. The problem was - on every Tuesdays and Fridays he would start going round and round any temple he came across. There was a temple very near to his house, and he was spotted by many, especially on Tuesdays and Fridays, rotating the temple for no reason. He never had any prayers, and when asked would say he never went to the temple!

He stopped concentrating on work, and pulled fights with most of his colleagues, seniors and superiors. He was at the verge of losing his Government job, when someone suggested his wife to consult a psychiatric. As usual, the psychiatric gave him some sleeping doses and injections, which made him sleep all through the day. He took sick leave, and started being at home. In spite of the strong sleeping doses, he would get extra energetic on those particular days, and would again go around the temple with more vigour this time. His face started changing with time, his appetite reduced, and he started looking more like an insane person now.

Though my dad knew many arts, he never practiced them nor bothered to pass it on to me. I guess he was happy with MTNL perfectly. The guy’s wife approached my father if he can help, and my father agreed.

It should be 10 pm, and my father had started chanting the mantra keeping one hand on the copper sheet. He went on louder and louder, and my mom was a bit scared, and we were scared too. After 2-3 hours of continuous chanting my dad rolled the copper sheet into a small cylindrical box, and kept the same behind the idol of God for a week or so.

The next time I saw that guy was when he had come to meet my father with a box of sweet. He prostrated in front of my father, and I could see the silver colour box hanging from his neck tied to a thin rope. I never had the guts to ask my father what was wrong with that person. But my mother secretly told us that he was under the influence of Black Magic cast on him by one of his relative!

That was one live example I saw where psychiatrist failed, and mantras worked….

More to come – how is Black Magic done?
And what are the symptoms to know if someone has cast it on you!

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