Black Magic – part 2

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We grope in the physical level of existence. While there are many other levels of existence where miraculous things happen day in and day out. You need not necessarily hurt someone physically to induce pain on him/her. Just abuse them using foul languages – and you would see that you have succeeded. That is what happens when controversial movies are released. These movies don’t affect you on the physical level, but they affect you on the mental level, your sentiments – thus creating anger and disgust. Now there are other levels of consciousness on which Black Magic works, and they are essentially the spiritual & the astral levels.

A Man essentially is a mixture of three levels of consciousness – the physical level, the mental level and the astral or spiritual level. We grow on our own, we get a physique, and to some extent it depends on what we eat. None tries to pull us to make us longer. Neither can Complan make you grow taller than what your natural height is going to be. The mind is formed with age, and it is trained and conditioned by the school, the government, and the society. The school asks us to be obedient under authority, the government asks us to be anti-Pakistan, and the society asks us to have less sex, and more stress.

There is another level – where very few reach and it is the astral level or spiritual level. No government recognized institute teaches you how to analyse your spirit or how to work on your astral body. Thank God it is kept as a well-hidden secret among the enlightened souls, the sadhus and the rishis.

Black Magic is considered to be the left hand of God. Like prayers bring positive energies, Black Magic brings negative energies. Most Black Magic is cast out of jealousy, hatred & competition. There are various methods how Black Magic is spell on others and here are few –

*Using bodily parts or stuff that you use

Most Black Magicians would need drop of blood, hair or clothes, which belongs to the person on whom the magic has to be spelled. Using them they work on their astral body chanting mantras, and bring the necessary downfall.

*Using gadgets

Black Magic is spelled on gadgets like stones, gems, utensils, metals, and these gadgets are buried unknowingly near the places where the intended victim stays. Normally these gadgets are buried in places very near to footsteps, so that they keep crossing it for the bad energies to work on them regularly.

*Using food

Black Magic can be cast on food items, especially meat. This is mixed with normal food. It so happens that – the meat on which the magic is done, never get digested and they stay in the stomach for long.

*Using application or touch

This works perfectly in temporary conditions. By touching or applying a special paste Black Magicians can bring your mind under control immediately and make you do whatever they want you to do. This is similar to hypnotism – but doesn’t take much time.

To be continued…Symptoms to know whether you are under the spell of Black Magic!

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